Desire: the New Goal Movement

Do not worry!  This is not another “How to set Resolutions you can stick to” blog.  I SWEAR! In fact you will never hear me talk about resolutions. Why? Well, I am just not sure anyone actually writes ones they want to do. More often they make resolutions they think they should do. Then, because these resolutions were not wholly yours, they are not kept, and the inevitable feeling of failure rears its ugly head.
I looked up the top resolutions for 2014. How many of these did you make last New Years?

1) Lose Weight

2) Get Organized

3) Spend Less, Save More

4) Enjoy Life to the Fullest

5) Staying fit and Healthy

6) Learn Something Exciting

7) Quit Smoking

8) Help Others in Their Dreams

9) Fall in Love

10) Spend More Time with Family

Now, how many of those did you Keep?  My point exactly!

So…like I said this is not a blog on resolutions. Resolutions just don’t work they way they are intended. Instead: set desires.  Resolutions rarely work. And don’t bother setting objective goals either. Nope! This year let’s set desires based on how you want to feel!  FEEL…you know feelings? Emotions. Desires! What does your heart and soul desire for your life this year and beyond?

Desire…the sexy Live ClareLesley way to prepare you for a positive path for your future! It’s the Fuck Yes way to set your “goals”. If you don’t desire the outcome, it’s a Fuck No! If something doesn’t resonate with you regularly, inevitably you’ll stop working towards it.  How do you want to feel next year about your career? What do you desire in your work life. How do you want to feel about your relationships? What do you desire in your friendships, partners?  How do you want to feel about your “insert your desire here”?

I know it sounds so odd to focus on desires at the beginning of the year; the end of the holiday season. But trust me it’s a much more positive way to achieve what you want in life to set goals based on feelings. Think about it. Example: how often did you say you were going to lose 10 lbs and only lost 8lbs. Then got frustrated, beat yourself up, and gave up?  What if instead of setting a measurable goal by the scale, you set a goal on how you want to feel about your body. For example in 2015 you want to see the beauty you possess. Treat your body like the temple it is. At the end of 2015 you want to look in the mirror and be proud of what you see. Then instead of counting every single calorie and binging out at the gym with the rest of the “resolutionaries” you made decisions based on feeling proud.

Lets look at some of the common resolutions and translate them into achievable desires.

Resolution: Spend less, Save More

Desire: Financially in Control

Would someone who is financially in control avoid checking their bank balance?  If you want to feel financially in control, you will filter important decisions through this feeling.  You may want to download a financial planner app to help you follow your money easier. Remember someone who is in control isn’t necessarily penny pinching. Instead, they know where there money is going and how much is going where and when.

Resolution: Go to the Gym

Desire: To have more energy

To feel more energetic will you get results sitting around and watching TV, eating salty foods? Or could you walk to the store instead of drive? Will you drink water instead of soda? Will you enjoy your food instead of eating because you think you need to? What activities give you an energetic feeling? Put those in your calendar and schedule your life around them.

Do you see where this is all going?  Somehow as we get older time flies faster. If you keep putting off setting goals you really want to achieve in your life you will wake up one day feeling regret or that it’s too late.  I am here to say that December is the new January! You don’t have to wait until the first of the year to get started.

Get honest with yourself about where you want your life to go someday. Get honest with your hearts desires! You are so freaking worth it! Ask your 100-year-old self what you want to tell stories about. How do you want to feel when you look back at your life. Work backwards from there. A year from now you will be so thrilled by what you started today.

Let’s ring in 2015 looking forward to being in control of how we want to FEEL not with all these rules about what can’t do anymore or what we need to do more of.  Feel Free, Feel Fresh and Feel Alive. Feel DESIRE in 2015!

Share your 2015 feelings and Desires with the Clare and I and the other Live ClareLesley Readers here!


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