Back to School Blog Party! Aug 21-23

Its August and its that time again!!  We have always loved fall, even though summer is ending, it always feels like a new start!  So come on over, share a favorite blog post or three, and favorite things about fall with us!

Here’s what you do:

  1. In the comments, say hey and post a link to one of your favorite blogs, or even one that has to do with fall!
  2. Let us know if you have a favorite thing that has to do with fall (Clare loves the changing of the leaves and buying school supplies.  LL loves when the air gets crisp and she can go for runs in the changing leaves!)
  3. Go explore other blogs–reach out to your fellow bloggers, visit THEIR pages, and let them know you stopped by in their comments!
  4. Invite more bloggers to party with us!!

Lots of love,

–LL and Clare

58 thoughts on “Back to School Blog Party! Aug 21-23

  1. Hi, I saw mention of your party on masgauten’s site and decided to come on over. My main blog is called Minister Is a Verb and it’s at

    My favorite thing about Fall is that the air conditioning doesn’t have to run as much so my sinuses can calm down a bit. (Yeah, I know, that’s gross and makes me sound like an Old Pharte, but it’s true anyway :D). Seriously, here in Memphis, we do get some changing colors on the trees, although nothing like in New England or some other countries with climates similar to that part of the USA. The cooler temps are greatly appreciated for time spent outside and the Fall always seems to flow rapidly into Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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  2. Hi,
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    Nice to meet you.

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  3. Thank you LL and Clare for hosting! My name is Danny and I write at Dream Big, Dream Often! My latest post:
    It is funny you would be talking about the fall as Evelina and i were talking about that today. My favorite things about the fall are the leaves turning and wearing sweatshirts with shorts! Reminds me of college days. Hope everyone has a great day!

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  4. Hi everyone! Thank you for hosting your blog party! I’m Lisa from Life of an El Paso Woman. I blog about current events, the people and places in El Paso, Texas and whatever is on my mind at the moment. It doesn’t really cool down in the desert during the fall. However during the fall, I enjoy football games, pumpkin carving and pumpkin pie! It’s great to meet everyone and I will definitely reblog.

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    • It totally counts! We love that you stopped by! I was in the UK in June and it was still cold then! Although I’m tired of the 90+ degree days here, I’m not quite ready for super chilly yet! Just a little bit cooler!

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  6. Hi there! Thanks for hosting this – found you via Danny’s Dream Big, Dream Often blog 🙂
    There is nothing I dislike about autumn, it’s my favourite season. I love being back in boots, Halloween, Bonfire Night and making soups. Plus that damp, yet crisp smell in the air which locally signifies the start of our 150 year old fair.
    Thought I’d share a link to my photo challenge – I only have one week left to go on it but this instalment is from a few weeks ago and I thought the colour focus was very apt!
    Hope you like it 🙂

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  8. Hey! Stumbled upon your blog, and just hopped onto the blog scene myself. Would love to gain followers, read peoples stories, and overall make some online friends :). My favorite part about fall is pumpkin EVERYTHING. I am a Dunkin Donuts fanatic, and their pumpkin flavoring is INCREDIBLE. I also love the fashion that comes with fall. As a bigger girl, fall is just an overall more flattering season :).

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  9. Hi. I saw the link to your blog party on Dream Big, Dream Often’s site. I wrote my first blog post a week ago today, and it just happened to be about how much I love Fall 🙂 I look forward to meeting everyone, and I will re-blog the Back to School Block Party link. Thanks, Amy

    I am just starting out, so don’t have a lot of content, but here is the link to my Fall blog post:

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