5 tips to beat the Heat of Life

Alright, I know you all don’t live in LA, but I’m sure you can relate to this.  There are those days or weeks where it feels like the wind and chill will never return.  The sun goes down and the temperature took a stand and decided not to go down with it.  When we think of storms in our lives, we often relate them to hurricanes, El Ninos, or other wet and windy moments.  Recently, Clare shared her experience and thoughts on weathering a storm. As we know storms do blow on through eventually. Often leaving behind fresh air or at least a rainbow.

What if your “storm” feels like a heatwave. What if it feels like stagnant hot air. One where even when you run for cover you are only in a space that’s at best a few degrees cooler. You look around and you’re still feeling smothered.  Well, I’m here to say you’re not alone. These almost suffocating waves will pass eventually. But man! While you’re in (I’m very much in it) it just feels hot, unmovable and lifeless.

You’re not alone. These almost suffocating waves will pass eventually.

My heatwave started probably when summer started. Just like summer my wave eased on in. I didn’t wake up one day and plop there I was in this place of feeling stagnant. Nope, there were signs of the wave that was too come.  As it began I dealt with an internal dialogue. Projects began piling up. Deadlines were fast approaching. Inside I kept making excuses for why I was falling behind on things. Then when I ran out of excuses I started beating myself up.  I couldn’t help but think things like: Am I just crazy? Is it me? Look at all the half finished projects!  This dialogue would and could spin entirely out of control. That’s when the wave hits! Every step in any direction is effort and you find yourself not know which way is up. Your self doubt gets louder in the heat of it.

There’s a tipping point in the wave though. A moment where you can grow stronger because of it or sink down.   Here’s some tips for staying cool:

1) Eventually fall will arrive. You can either be ready to welcome it or be picking yourself up still when it arrives.

2) Stay Hydrated. Drink in lots of self love, big picture thinking and how this storm will prepare you for the future.

3) Cold showers. Snap you out of your head and into the present. When you get too much into analyzing you lose a sense of what happened and what you thought into happening.

4) Open a window. It’s like a fire drill. If the door is hot look for another path out!

5) Move early! Don’t let the heat or problems keep you from exercising. Just do that earlier. Taking on the day before the heat try’s to take you is the best way to stay on the offense.

To be honest, I’m still in my heatwave. Maybe by the time this publishes, LA and I will be entering fall. But, until then I will workout earlier, keep my eye on my future plans and celebrate any breeze that blows my way.

The late Dr Wayne Dyer said “Be miserable or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done. It’s always your choice.”

You are in control of your life and your thoughts–see brain is listening. Remember you have choices. You can make them, or the heat can. Which will it be?

Stay cool my dears!


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