Just Keep Swimming 

Dori, in Finding Nemo, has the catchphrase: Just keep swimming. This might be one of my favorite go to’s when things don’t go as planned.  We all make plans, host parties, go on interviews, auditions and recently for me planning my wedding.  You know how it goes. You make a plan, envision how it will go. Then____ happens.  So, you have to go back to the drawing board.  This moment of everything falling apart is where you learn a lot about yourself; you can dig your feet in and stick tightly to your vision, or you open your mind up and see what options come your way.

This moment of everything falling apart is where you learn a lot about yourself.

Losing my wedding venue with an entire wedding planned down to everything was a SHOCK.  Actually, shock is a vast understatement.  But, I had to keep swimming. Each day that passed seemed to fly as my finger and I struggled and hustled to find a new venue for our quickly approaching wedding day.  Sure, we could email possible venues, but during a busy work week we both were not able to do all the footwork that it takes to find a venue, especially not with only a five weeks to go. The situation was more dire and filled with pressure anytime went on people who thought they were asking simple honest question “so, where’s the wedding?” Just made the situation feel more dire. I mean we were 5 weeks out and no venue in sight with a couple hundred people looking to celebrate. Huge pressure kept mounting.

What do I do? I just kept swimming! I smiled. I made a joke about the whole thing. We’ve got a wedding and no where to go–I would respond as chipper as I could muster.  It helped me get though the day.

Now, with a new venue on the books we are back in action. Working out the details and updating original plans. It’s going to be better than originally planned.

Swimming Tips:

1) Take a deep breaths. In fact take many. You’ll need them to keep you calm, strong and heading towards the destination.

2) Stay positive! Smile if you have to even if it’s hard. Smile harder. The simple action will help your mind feel more positive. There is a light and you will reach it. Just smile.

WHEN LIFE GETS CRAZY JUST SMILE | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

3) Take in all your surroundings. Swimming is not the same as putting your head in the sand. There’s lots to see and gets ideas from. Movement begets change–so if you get out there and look at all the possibilities, you will see that you’re not stuck.

4) Change it up! If freestyle isn’t working there are other strokes out there. The important thing is to take action. You’ll feel more in control of your situation.

So, I swam for four days. Made fun jokes along the way and was welcomed by so many great ideas from friends and even friends of friends. We have our venue and it’s turning out to be the best thing that could have happened.

Swim on and Smile my dears!


smiley thumb

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4 thoughts on “Just Keep Swimming 

  1. Sometimes things will happen that at the time, seem like the worst things in the history of ever–but the end up being little blessings in disguise. So glad you found a venue, hon! And such an excellent post–and reminder–to keep on keeping on, especially when you’re facing a challenge. I truly believe that with a little bit of faith and a whole lot of laughter and positivity, you can and will get through anything and everything. Put on your proverbial swim suit, a smile, and just keep swimming! 🙂

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