Could your next date be at the grocery store?

I may be married, but that doesn’t mean people don’t ask me out. Yep, it’s true. I get hit on and receive phone number requests on the regular. In fact, I think I have had more this year than in the last two years I was single.  Don’t stop reading! I am not trying to brag and fluff my feathers. I know so far it doesn’t sound that way. But, stick with me here. I promise I will get to my point. My help for you my single readers.

I had often heard that my friends who were engaged or married felt they got hit on more when they were off the market then when they were on.  I am not going to tell you to go out and buy a fake engagement ring and walk around in hopes to get a date. I actually don’t think its the rings that are attracting these want-to-be-suitors.  It’s not the ring its the attitude.  Think about it.  A engaged or married person isn’t worrying about how they behave in public.  They don’t shy from a stranger smiling at them.  They have no problems excusing themselves to grab the cereal on the top shelf over someone else’s shoulder. Or making conversation.  They are not nervous about what a stranger might think of them.  They are just being themselves.  Being yourself, having fun and making eye contact are all things that attract someone to you and your personality.

Its not the ring, its the attitude.

I often find myself grocery shopping at the Whole Foods in West Hollywood.  For those of you not in LA, WeHo is not known for straight single men.  I have been asked out every trip I have been their this year.  Different guys (and a couple girls) each time.  It is flattering.  But, I thought to myself: what could be the cause for this?

I ran into a single friend of mine at another grocery store. As many of you know it’s impossible to get all your groceries from one store these days. She didn’t see me at first. But, before I could say hi I took a moment to just totally stalk her in the store. I wasn’t going to do it long but after a few isles I decided that this was an interesting experiment. Here she is a beautiful girl. In a store. With lots of people. Yet, she doesn’t see me someone whom if she was actually paying attention she would probably recognize from behind.


She was eyeing the shelves, her phone and when people walked past her she gazed away.  Finally, I ended my stalking and just came up and scared the heck out of her. Hugged her and then told her to make eye contact with human beings more often.

Make eye contact with human beings more often.

Now, a couple years ago I heard that bananas in the top shelf of your cart was the universal signal for “I’m single” I do not know if this it true. But, who cares. Put anything in your grocery cart and walk around every isle making eye  contact. Stand tall. Instead of saying “I’m sorry” when you bump into a cart.  Say “Hi,” smile, and then go on about your shopping. There is no reason to apologize for being (see Clare’s I’m Sorry blog). Besides, that cart you bumped into could be Saturday’s coffee date.


Face it, grocery shopping is a natural and necessary thing we do. Why pay an app, or spend even more time in front of a screen than you need to. It’s doing nothing for your posture. When’s the last time you had a decent date from one of those apps anyways?

Grab your grocery list and try it! Forgot something at the store. Perfect! An excuse to go back to the store this week, or a different store. Happy shopping.


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Photo Credits: Christopher (grocery store), Daat (coffee mugs).  Both photos from Flikr Creative Commons.

8 thoughts on “Could your next date be at the grocery store?

  1. You know, you’re right, it’s all about the attitude. Yes, being attached helps with that attitude (it’s quite the paradox), but it’s true. I know when I was with my girlfriend of three and a half years, I got hit on more than I have in my entire life. I got called cute to my face and asked out for dinner. My girlfriend would get angry, because waitresses would openly flirt with me.

    In all honesty, it may have had to do with the fact that she was young an beautiful, but it also had to do with me just being myself.

    And eye-contact is the best. There are a lot of things I have to work out (like asking more women out), bu the eye-contact thing has always been good for me.

    This was a great article.

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    • Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. I agree eye contact is the key. Also, do ask more woman out! What’s the worst that could happen? Maybe even act “as if” you’re attached so you walk around with that air about you. Really glad you enjoyed the article and keep us posted on your experience. Xx~LL
      Ps earlier this year we did a whole post on eye contact. You might enjoy if you haven’t already!


      • Thanks! I’ll look up that article. By the way, how do you feel about a double date on a first date? I went to this singles event with a friend last week and met this teacher. He wound up meeting her friend, and getting her number. I got the teacher’s number, and we were texting the next night. When I asked her out for this week, she suggested a double date with her friend and my friend. When I responded with being more comfortable with a one-on-one first date, I never heard from her again. I thought that was kind of a strange ending to an otherwise positive connection. What do you think?

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      • I could go either way on this topic. Since you and your friend are friends. She and her friend are friends it sounds fine. Just pick an activity that allows each duo to have some time alone. Like a Ferris wheel (assuming no fear of heights). If you didn’t know the other couple involved I would say no too much pressure. How about you suggest a date and time for the double date. Go ice skating or something fun and wintery. Who knows maybe her friend would prefer the comfort of a friend on the date. If you still don’t hear back move on. Ps, a phone call can win you more points. No one calls anyone these days! You’ll stand out in the text crowd.


  2. I couldn’t agree more, girl! It’s all about your attitude. I’ve struck up some really great conversations with gentlemen while browsing the produce section or in the cereal aisle. People say that they have a hard time meeting people, but you can really meet people anywhere. You just have to have an open mind (and possibly shopping cart). 😉 Great post! xoxo

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