Mistletoe-it and Make a Move!

Alright, I have a confession. I have actually never been kissed under mistletoe. Instead, I grew up selling our own mistletoe one holiday season after it took over a tree in our front yard and we had to cut it down. But, being the lemonade makers we are, that mistletoe became our way of making a little extra dough during a holiday season. (Who says money doesn’t grow on trees?)


But, this blog post is actually not about my dead tree and my young entrepreneurial adventures. It is, in fact, all about you using what’s in front of you right now to make the move you have been desiring to make for 2015 and for some of you in 2014, 2013 and dare I say it a decade ago!

When ever the holiday season comes around I must watch the movies Scrooged with Bill Murray and Love Actually with Hugh Grant. Both have a mistletoe moments in them.  In Scrooged, a minor character–this unfortunate woman, is battered and bruised (literally check it out) and she takes the opportunity to grab mistletoe off a wall, hang it over a cuties head and straddle him and lay one right on his mouth.  Love Actually, there is a girl who is trying to persuade someone she shouldn’t be by telling him she’ll be waiting under the mistletoe.


Use what’s in front of you right now to make the move you have been desiring to make

Which leads me to you. End of the year is here but it doesn’t have to mean you go another holiday season alone. It doesn’t mean you tell someone Happy Holidays but really mean “All I want for Christmas is you!”  The Holidays are actually the most opportune time to lay it all out there. Tell them what you want (what you really really want). If it gets all weird no worries! The travel season, snow days and hoopla of the next couple weeks, crazy families and more will soon take over their memory of you being honest. Then you can blame it on the eggnog, the mistletoe or your mother who makes you all weird about being single during the holidays. Laugh it off and move on into 2016 a year where you know the answer to “does he/she want me back.”

Or, it can go freaking awesome! You could hang the mistletoe over their head and they kiss you right back. Yes, it can and probably will happen. You won’t know until you try.


Plus, this holiday boldness can work in other areas not just dating. In fact, make this holiday season the year you make a snowman with a family member who drives you crazy. Maybe a sibling or cousin over stepped their bounds. Wore something without asking, spilled the beans and spoke for you when they shouldn’t have. Or, a co worker who you feel threw you under the bus at a meeting. Grab two peppermint lattes this week. One for you and one for them Give them some holiday cheer and let the snow cover up the dirt from the past. When spring comes it’ll all melt away.

The holidays are about spreading cheer and love. They are about giving smiles to strangers. The beauty about the end of the year is that you can use all the parties, the last minute small gifts, or even tree fungus (mistletoe) to put an end to something. Come January 1st wouldn’t it be great to know if your crush is crushing on you back, your family member knows that you love them, or your co-worker sees that you are a rockin’ person and they shouldn’t run a bus over you next time?


The beauty about the end of the year is that you can use all the parties, the last minute small gifts, or even tree fungus (mistletoe) to put an end to something

Our very own Clare has put herself out there twice now on holidays. It didn’t turn out to be, but she was able to walk away with her head held high, blame it on the nog and continue on with her friendships and happiness. If she hadn’t she might still be wondering two years later how they felt about her.


I went door to door selling mistletoe one season. That mistletoe provided many, many people with lots of excuses to kiss, make up and love on!  So, readers grab that strength building eggnog, some mistletoe, press play on some Mariah Carey holiday music and make your move! Either way it’ll be a very happy holiday.


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Photo credits: Flikr Creative Commons: Tony Alter, R reeves, conniferconnifer,

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