2016 Goals update #2–Clare

My relationship with money:

I’ve got a note pad page on my phone and I’m noting everything I spend.  UGH.  I HATE writing down every purchase.  I feel like it might be easier if I just walked down the street tossing coins like rose petals.  This is a blindfold removed from my eyes.  Grace says to spend normally so we can analyze… but its really hard.  I’ve stopped myself a few times when I should have spent something.

Finding an exercise routine I can stick with:

A lovely reader suggested I put exersizes on slips and draw them from a jar. Which sounds fun…but I haven’t done it yet. I also look across to Central Park (I live around the corner, not ON the park) and think: ooh the blizzard left some snow, that would be fun to run in…but I haven’t yet–I talk myself out of it thinking of the cold and the wet.  I’ve realized that I need to keep myself accountable in the health and exercise world. So, I need to pencil in time to do that AND/OR have an exercise buddy–LL and The Husband did this, and they RAVE about it, they even make it happen while on vacation.. but I don’t even have a regular routine for anything in my life. The closet thing is morning coffee… but even that varies some days.

I miss living near my friend Bryan–I literally walked uphill in the snow to go to the gym with him, a few times a week. It was great because we would get on the treadmill and gab–so 30/45min would go by and I didn’t realize it.  I kept that up for a couple months.

I really WOULD love suggestions!!

Book Publishing:

One step forward, two steps back, is what this project feels like at the moment.  I just want to get it DONE!!  Working on finding copy editors… if you know of anyone who works cheaply and is good, please leave a comment or email me their info!!  liveclarelesley@gmail.com

Finding an agent:

Took an acting class this week and met a casting director of a theater I really admire.  It went well. So fingers crossed. Signed up for another acting class next week!

This week was harder than the last… but the second week of anything usually is… breathing and powering forward.  Its too early for a Trough of Sorrow!!



How I Survived Spin Class

I deserve a sticker. Or a shirt that says “I survived…” Or something shiny or yummy.  I went to my first spin class!!
Ridiculous and over-dramatic, probably. But in all honesty, my third largest fear is group fitness classes at fancy gyms. I’m 100% serious; and when you figure out how to convince a small child that there is nothing under the bed, you can come back to me and my irrational fear of group fitness.

If I were analyzing myself, I would say that I probably am still suffering from some trauma(s) in a group fitness class in middle school or high school–teenage girls are mean. Something about even if you start on a level playing field in fitness, you’re still going to have lots of different abilities and levels… And because I’ve always been tall, people assume I’m athletic or want to be. Nope.  Always have had my muffin top, though.

Anyway, my Anum Cara, my soul-friend, has in the last year, transitioned his career towards group fitness-which I support 153.76%. However, I personally DON’T like working out when it feels like exercise. Take me on a hike, ice skating, swimming–no complaints. Group fitness–unless it’s seniors water ballet–count me OUT. There is something about the pressure to be “enough” in a class that my brain hates and tosses out the flight response, forget the fight–something in my past has told me fighting isn’t worth it.  I avoid group fitness classes like they’re a disease.
However, I love my friend dearly and he is amazing at supporting me, so I knew it wasn’t a choice when he turned my words against me one day and basically made it a “friend assignment” to attend one of his classes. And stay for the whole thing.

I tried to cheat. I tried to take it back. I tried to turn his words around. But, I knew I would feel guilty for the rest of my life if I didn’t TRY a spin class. And no one has died (yet) from taking one. “Yet” being the operative word I hoped didn’t pertain to me.

Here’s my timeline.
A month before: I accidentally say I’ll go to a class.
I recount the conversation to my mother, my friends, my boss, LL…none of who have the appropriate response: to pity me or to tell me that I shouldn’t go–in fact the opposite happened. Everyone told me to go; most told me I would probably die.

Two weeks before: I commit to taking a class, sending a confirmation text to my friend on Sunday. Class is Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday are brutal at work. I have not had a response text that I can take the class. In the middle of my happy dance that I was off the hook, my friend texts and says he can’t wait to see me in class the next day. Ugh. DOUBLE GUILT. I beg off promising I’ll come the week after the holiday break. Thinking I’ll go off to the beach, swim a lot, be more fit which equals less chance I’ll die. He says ok.  I breathe a huge sigh.  Maybe bad weather will ground me in the Dominican Republic and I’ll never make it home.

A day before:
I made it home a day ago. I realize I’m an idiot for promising to go this week. I didn’t get as fit as I would have liked, was on a bit of a detox, and mom was leaving at 3am the morning I was taking class…so I had two 4 hour naps.

Day of:
At 3am I help mom down the 4 flights of stairs to my apartment and into a car to the airport. When my second alarm goes off at 8, I limit myself to one cup of coffee because the less awake I am, the less I will feel pain. And my impending death-by-stationary-bike. I try on two different workout outfits–why? Because I was going to a fancy gym and I didn’t want to look out of place. I can fake a lot of things, and I’ve learned a good costume will get you far.
I wait in the lobby, hands shaking (I’m not being sarcastic or funny, my hands were shaking) while texting my friend to get further instructions. I felt like a needy jerk at this point, and was terrified. He texted back to sign in and make my way to the classroom. I think I hid my terror pretty well when I signed in and handed my coat to coat check.
Trying to take deep breaths and not panic while I was descending the stairs, and also wondering when life would start to flash by my eyes.
I got to the room to find it almost full-I hate being late. Luckily a bike was reserved for me. But my panic starts to overwhelm me.  I turn into a giant needy baby, just trying to control the shaking in my hands.  Looking back at that moment, my friend the instructor, was lovely, and adjusted my bike and talked me through putting my feet in the straps–seriously, he had to give me step by step instructions on how to put my feet in stirrups. The struggle was real.

5 minutes in: Head down, listening to the music, I pedal.  Hands are still shaking.  I’m sure everyone is judging me.  If I don’t make eye contact with any of them, I can pretend they’re not judging.

10 minutes in: Life is still not flashing before my eyes, and my hands have stopped shaking. I’m not happy, but I’m surviving.

20 minutes in:  The older ladies who are at least twice my age are doing better than I am.  I can’t stand on the bike for more than 15 seconds.  I want to cry.  No, worse: I want to jump off the bike and run out of the room.  I seriously contemplate leaving.  The only thing stopping me is that I KNOW it would be upsetting to my friend.  So, I woman up, and keep pedaling.

35 minutes in: I’ve slowed way down.  I’m still trying not to make eye contact with anyone, especially my instructor friend.  I’m telling myself that if I don’t cry I can have a donut after class.  (SERIOUSLY who puts a donut shop next to a gym?!?–someone who knew I was coming apparently.)

38 minutes in: for the last 3 minutes we are told to go as far as we can.  I pedal.  With a minute left, I’m not far from a mile… so I push, and right as 3 minutes ends, I hit a mile.  WOOOHOO!

We cool down.  I stretch. I feel like my legs are tied to cement pylons.  The pain in my legs and the pride that I did a mile at the end make me forget about all of my insecurities.  Shaking has moved to my legs now, but I’m sure that is healthy muscle stuff.  I walk up to my friend, when my legs allow me.  My lack of coffee leads me to answer way too bluntly when he asks if I had fun in class with: “NOPE.  But I’m sure I’ll remember it fondly.” Whoops.

After class I get my donut and coffee and head back across town to my apartment to meet up with LL to take pictures for the blog.  I suddenly become happy because I now have a whole different realm of conversation to have with my instructor friend AND LL!  My badge of honor is the ability to complain about the pains of working out for AT LEAST the next 48 hours.  Everyone tells me they’re proud of me.  No one is surprised that my toosh hurts.  For two days.

Somewhere in the following week, I somehow get talked into taking a second class… from a few people, several offer to go WITH me.  I never thought THAT would happen.  UGH.  Here we are again.  The cycle (no pun intended) starts over–I think to myself. Hopefully, my hands won’t shake when I enter the class.

Last week, as it happens… I went again.  This time, I got there early.  I adjusted the bike myself.  The instructor friend had to put my pedals on for me, though.  And I’m happy to say I made it to 32 minutes before wanting to cry, and at no time did I want to jump off the bike and run out of class.  AND, bonus, my toosh didn’t hurt at all this time.

My fear of group fitness classes is far from being quelled, but I’m no longer afraid of my friend’s spin class.  I might even go again.  (But, maybe don’t tell him…it will be our secret for now.)

That night, I went home and made myself a deluxe grilled cheese with lots of butter AND bacon grease.  YUM.  And I don’t feel guilty one bit, because as Michael says at the end of every class: he doesn’t like good choices, he likes fun ones, so make some fun choices.


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Book Club Reminder! 

We hope you’ll all be joining us for our first Live ClareLesley book club podcast in two weeks. It’s not too late to join in! 

We are reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. 

If you’ve read it or are reading it and want to share or make a comment or ask a question, comment on this post OR email us at liveclarelesley@gmail.com

2016 Goals update #2 LL

Last week was amazing! Seriously. I started the year off on a new journey. I had more time to do the things I wanted to do. I am taking this extra time and running with it. I have a honeymoon coming up and I know two weeks away will be amazing but it will also be two weeks of catching up on. Here’s where I am at this wee:

Health:  I’m back on my running routine with Eric. I also snagged a Pilates session with my mentor. So far my goal of staying consistent in my workouts is going great!

Personal: I wanted to make a point this year to stay in touch (not just via text) with friends who live out of the country. I set up two facetime dates this week. One of us will be having coffee the other spirits. Cannot wait!

JobLove: I scheduled a new workshop and am working out the details of my first one to be filmed.

I keep saying Happy New Year to people. I know it’s no longer “new” but something about “New Year” brightens peoples eyes and smiles. So, Happy New Year


2016 Goals update #1 Clare

My relationship with money:

Ugh. My friend Grace has offered to be my financial coach for the year. For January I’m writing every purchase and outgoing amount of $$ down. Already I’m a kid who doesn’t want to go to school about this. I’m not liking what I see. Telling myself that Future Clare is very happy to be debt free.

Finding a workout regimine I can stick to:
I went to my friend Michael’s spin class. My first spin class ever. Stay tuned for that blog…I still can’t tell you an answer if I actually liked it or not. It’s not a daily or weekly thing for me.  Maybe monthly.  But I am inspired to try out new classes or workouts that I hadn’t previously thought that I would like.

Publishing my book:
I found a graphics person for my novel cover and set her to work. Still trying to get help through GoFund Me. Have done a lot of research on self publishers.

Overall I’m feeling hopeful and still feeling abuzz about my goals!




Your Greatest Mistake?

What was it? What mistake was your greatest? The biggest, best mistake ever?!

As you may know from some previous blogs I am a podcast lover. I really enjoy listening.  Mostly I listen to other authors podcasts.  I wish I had more time to read but I don’t… so, I listen to their podcasts and then if I find myself say YAAS!!! High fiving the air, I buy their books.

On a recent podcast I heard the interviewer ask the author: what was your greatest mistake? What was you best mistake?  As someone who lives without regrets I have to admit I was caught off guard.  I didn’t understand why anyone would want to think of their lives and highlighting mistakes. But, then I got to thinking about all of my “mistakes.”  I thought about the stupid boys I dated.  The jobs I have had.  Not saying yes to some experience,  or saying no to someone.  Then I thought about where I am today.  I realized I had some great mistakes.  I have had some of the best mistakes ever–I am so happy I have had them.

Let me explain, I believe everything happens for a reason.  Not that anyone of us deserves bad things to happen, but that sometimes things that feel bad, seem bad, or just are bad are part of our path to greatness.

When I left my ex, it sucked.  I felt terrible for hurting him. I struggled financially, emotionally.  I questioned for a bit whether or not it was the right decision.  In the healing process I thought about the “Red Flags” of our relationship. I didn’t want to repeat my past.  I realized that had I said no to one of the dates in the beginning, had I dated others had I stopped things when my gut said to.  We probably wouldn’t have made it 5 years. We wouldn’t have probably made it past a few months.

But, if I hadn’t dated him I would not have learned what I know now about myself.  I wouldn’t have written my first book most likely.  I wouldn’t have known what I need out of a relationship. I wouldn’t have been prepared to meet the man I was meant to marry.

So, one of my greatest mistakes were all the bad dates I went on that got me here today.   Had I not had all those I would never have realized true love, true romance, true teamwork and true partnership.   Who would think that thousands of bad dates, and a perfect-on-paper relationship would lead to a happy marriage to someone else, a book, and many other successes, including this blog?!?

You may be sitting here, reading this and saying “Lesley! I am in a huge issue now. This could be the biggest mistake of my life. It doesn’t feel good. ” Like I said before, it didn’t feel good after all the bad dates. I truly wish I could go back to my twenty something self and tell her “this is going to suck at the end. But there will be a pot of partnership gold at then end of the storm.” Oh, how I wish! Sadly, readers, we don’t get that. We can’t take our future selves to our present selves and tell them “Everything will be ok.”

We can trust, though. Trust ourselves. Trust the Universe. Today prepares us for tomorrow, next year and fifty plus years from now. If you are feeling like you are in the worst mistake ever and you don’t know what to do. Here are some tips for you:

  • Don’t make any decisions right away. Get your breath back to normal.
  • Tell yourself how much you Love yourself, trust yourself and want and deserve nothing but the best for yourself.
  • Remind yourself you are being molded for the future. You are growing. Growth spurts don’t feel great while they are happening. But when you’re “taller” you can see the bigger picture.

  • Journal. Write and write and write. The first half will be your brain the second half will be God.
  • Get grounded! Lay on the ground. Put heavy blankets on top of you. Eat heavy foods (yes, I am saying to eat heavy foods) warm and heavy foods. Drink hot fluids. You need to feel whole and warm and soothed.
  • Just Keep Swimming. It’ll all make sense one day. That day isn’t today. Lucky you, you don’t have to have the answers now.

This brings me back to the beginning, what was your greatest, best mistake? Share them with us and our readers. The beauty about life is we are not alone. Your story can help so many others grow!


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Goals 2016 update #1 LL

Hey Hey, we are officially into the New Year! Here’s what I have been up to so that 2016 will be the year of living with fierce and fabulous strength.

Health: I took my calendar and put my yoga and Pilates classes and even self practice in and on repeat for the whole year. I know that in March I will be traveling and I have a few conferences that will take me out of town. I’ll deal with those when they arise. For now, I can sit back and know that I won’t double book myself.

Personal: I have a bank account that is solely for this one student loan on autopay. I have never changed it because I couldn’t login to my account. I finally took the time (and yes it was a lot) to log in and change it’s auto pay to the bank account I actually use!

JobLove: I wrote out several workshops I want to film. I submitted them for approval for continuing education credits. I scheduled their filming dates. Next, I have to put in my tasks to make the filming dates happen.

I would like to share that I use a couple amazing apps to make my 2016 happen. 1) I do use a calendar. I even have a shared calendar so those who need to know are. 2) I use omnifocus to help me organize my projects and tasks. I can set due dates, defer dates (so I don’t have to see things that are not on the docket) and I can repeat things after I completed them. 3) https://basecamp.com/ allows me to assign some of my tasks to others. For example I need to update things on my website. I put it in Basecamp assign it to my web deb team and they get an email. They do it, check it off and I get an email. This takes the task off my mind and allows me time to do other things. PS my husband I used Basecamp to plan our wedding in 4 months. There were no fusses, fights or issues.

Stay tuned for next weeks update! Please share yours. We would love to hear what you did this week to rock your 2016 plan.


2016 Goals Plan–Clare

First, I think that LL is MUCH better at this than I am like I stated in my Goals Blog at the end of last year.  I’m GREAT at seeing something, wanting it, and working to achieve it.  I’m TERRIBLE at looking at things I want to change and keeping up the maintenance.  That being stated, there are SEVERAL things in my life that I’ve been ignoring or waving away for years.

LL inspired me in 2015 with her goals–we do that on occasion, inspire each other–and so here I am with my fresh list (well with my list of a couple of new and a couple of repeats/continuances).

In 2015, I decided to focus on my relationship with myself and to focus on making myself a more complete person, instead of continually dating or trying to date people that just weren’t interesting enough.  This one will continue in 2016.

Also for 2015, I started swimming–I have now moved and am not in walking distance of a pool, but with three different besties who’s jobs are in fitness, living with two dancers, and having several gym bunny friends, its my goal this year to find a continual workout habit–one that I like enough and will do daily or at least the recommended 3-4 times a week (so if you have suggestions, I’m open on this one.)  I want something with little commitment (so no memberships, or high cost), something that is fun or doesn’t feel like exercise–I live RIGHT across the street from Central Park, so I love walking in the park, just not when its 20 degrees outside. I ALREADY walk to the next subway station as a general guideline when I can, and I’m trying to remember to do plies or stretches while making coffee…

Next, I’m publishing my novel this year.  For more info, read my blog on it or the Facebook page!

I’m going to get better at cleaning.  I’m a clean person, but I keep stuff.  I need to be better about organizing the stuff and tossing what no longer serves me.  (I don’t need 8 dingy t-shirts when I have 10 perfectly good ones. I don’t need to keep all receipts, all the time, etc.)  Send me your organizing ideas or write them in the comments!

And now for my big one:  I have a HORRIBLE relationship with money.  HORRIBLE.  Part of it is that I’m in a moment that I’m not living paycheck to paycheck… but I’m spending like I have Park Avenue money… Interestingly enough, I don’t like asking for the amount of money I’m worth–I’m getting better–go read that blog!  But if you have any good money relationship advice, I’ll happily listen.

What are your goals for 2016?


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How to achieve emotional sobriety

Strength is something on which I’m often complimented. I exude confidence, and generally am fearless when it comes to what I want in life. I haven’t always been this way. And I will cry more often than I’ll admit, and I’ll admit I cry a lot. I’m strong because I have to be, but it has taken a lot of experience and painful situations to get me here… and I still don’t think I’m as strong as I would like to be. One of the things I’m experienced at is walking away from things that no longer serve me. Much to my chagrin, I’ve become good at it. Because, better than walking away from things that don’t serve me, I’m twice as good as walking towards and into things that are detrimental to me. If you know me in real life, you’re nodding and agreeing right now. I’m queen of trying out relationships that might not be great for me. I blame this on my curiosity for the human spirit, being a Gemini, being a theater person, and my need to have good people in my life.

Many times relationships work out in my favor, or at least I adapt to them. Adapting to relationships is also a trait I’m good at—but that is another blog. However there are times when relationships just don’t work out. Timing is wrong. Timing starts out right, but then life intervenes and pulls people apart. Sometimes the things that attract us to people turn out to be the thing that tears us apart. Sometimes you just have to walk away from relationships, like I touched on in Growing Out of Friends.

I’m often asked how I’m so strong in these situations. My reply is usually: because I have to be. Honestly, I’m strong because I continually tell myself that I’m worth much more than the way I’m being treated. Or if I don’t see it, I’ve surrounded my self with strong friends who remind me that I’m worth more.

In my recent frustration, I became close with someone who originally seemed to not be able to get enough of me, we will call this friend Mr. Green.  Conversations flowed, text messages filled my days, we continually made plans to hang out and saw each other once a week—which in New York City time is like daily anywhere else. (In New York City, unless you live with someone, or are dating them, you are lucky if you see friends more than once a month.) Anyway, Mr. Green and I both worked to make it happen. After several months, it seemed like I was the only one who was making it happen. Mr. Green seemed to disappear and I was upset because it seemed like I was the only one who was doing the work.

Years and many relationships gone south, I have had a vast array of advice. My favorite comes from my friend Melissa, who compares any relationship to a football field. You start out on the 50-yard line, and you give and take; sometimes activity is instigated on their side, and sometimes the action is on your side. Many times I like to give so much that I find myself sitting, just hanging out on the other person’s 80-yard line—which is frustrating. Retreat to your own 40-yard line, or even farther back, Melissa says, when you’re feeling like you’re not being treated well. And you have to stay there until the other person comes to your side. In other words, you have to stop allowing yourself to give too much in a relationship, and you have to back up and let them come forward.

Sometimes its a person.  Sometimes its a lifestyle–like LL wrote about Letting Go a few weeks ago.  I’m not going to lie—this is hard; this is painful; this takes time, and makes you want to tear your hair out while trying to make sense of it all. If you’re like me, you create stories and excuses for the other person, and try to make yourself believe that sitting and waiting is the absolute wrong thing to do. But it’s not. You have to back off to show someone your worth. Your heart may want you to dive in and move forward, but your brain says that you’re worth waiting for. Here is the truth: Your brain always knows better than the heart.

I’ve been watching a lot of Elementary  lately, a show based on Sherlock Holmes. For those who aren’t familiar with this version of the legend, this Sherlock is an addict, who in season three is questioning his continual upkeep for sobriety. I’m a big advocate in the thought that we are brought to things and ideas when we need them. I don’t want to be so gauche as to say that staying my emotional state is like maintaining sobriety—but it is. Staying emotionally sober is a difficult task. Not wanting to “use” or reach out to a person or situation that makes you devalue yourself is a difficult task. It’s so easy to pick up your phone and send an “innocent” text. But that one text will send you into a spiral that isn’t easy to get back out of. Like a diet, you have to stick to the steps, and that one chip or one candy bar will only lead to more. Just don’t give in.

How do you maintain your emotional sobriety? You have to make a plan for what to do and what not to do. A friend, we will call her Ms. Peacock, is going through a breakup at this moment, and both people in the relationship are trying to hold on, and to reel each other back in to the relationship. It’s a spiral. Its psychotic. Ms. Peacock is stronger than this and deserves better. We sat down on my sofa and I outlined what she can and can’t do. A breakup is like a diet, if you make guidelines, its easier to follow an stay on track.  And just like a diet, you have to cut out all of the things that are bad for you at the beginning, and then you can build things back in, if you have the willpower.

1) Tell yourself you’re worth more than the behavior you’re receiving. Take a look at how much you’re giving to the relationship, and realize that you need to step back for a while, if maybe step away completely.

2) Get yourself a buddy, or a couple of them. Use them as TaB’s whenever you get the urge to text, call, or reach out.

3) Make yourself a plan. For me, when I do a diet, I have to give myself a little bit of a cushion. I cut out something completely, but allow myself a little bit of a “treat” or a “leash.” In other words, give yourself permission to do a little of something. The permission that my friend and I allowed her in this current break up:

–she can text twice a day in response only and she has to TaB first.

–she can talk to him as much as she wants to at work.

–If out, and he shows up at a bar or a location she is at, she can stay for 30 minutes and then she leaves (so that way she isn’t tempted to go home with him, and this way she can’t drink too much and make poor choices.)

4) As a friend to be a sounding board—you need an outlet and you need to be able to voice your feelings.

5) Remind yourself to be strong. Whether this is from other friends or from sticky notes you put on your mirror, remind yourself. You CAN do this.

6) Know that if you relapse, you have to start over. But every day you stand strong, you’re closer to it being easier, and the pain to be gone.

Maybe your relationship will rebound—mine did. I waited and Mr. Green realized it and started to reach out and even made plans. However, it doesn’t always happen–Ms. Peacock moved on in life without that significant other, and is out and dating, sadder but wiser–but definitely on the mend. Sometimes you get your person back and other times you don’t. No matter what, know that you’re worth being treated well.   A good relationship will acknowledge that.


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2016 Goals Plan- LL

I am really excited to share with all of you my 2016 plan. As I mentioned in “How not to make resolutions” I do not make any resolutions for the year. Instead I use the new year to reflect on what I enjoyed about the year before. Then make a clearer map for the year ahead.

I do not cling to goals. If a goal isn’t working, I simply ask it if it wants to work or if it needs a new plan. So, my readers, here is what I am working towards for 2016 and even beyond:

This year I will remind myself that I want a Fierce and Fabulous Life!

Health: Stay Consistent, Stay Positive and put myself first

Sure I want a handstand in yoga…still (I am so much closer). But I don’t want to put some arbitrary date on this said handstand. I will get handstand and so much more if I continue to do my yoga regularly.

It’s easy for me to beat myself up for not being able to do something. I am a perfectionist and a creative. A perfect combo for negative thinking. As I approach a challenge and I hear the neg self talk begin to whisper I smile, I literally say to myself “live fierce and fabulously” and that gives me the strength to squash that self talk that serves no purpose.

Personal: Consolidate and Organize

I happen to have a few things that do the same thing. Bank accounts, sweatshirts, email addresses, and some social channels. It’s time my minimalist living takes over a little bit more of my lifestyle not just my apartment style.

Job Love: Plan, Produce and Grow

I quit my salaried job at the end of last year. It’s the second time in less than a decade that I left the security of a salary to live my dream. I am super excited and of course happily scared. There’s a lot I have to do today to make the rest of the year even exist. I want my website to be full of workshops for instructors and blogs of inspiration. However, I can’t do a years worth of anything in one day. So, I set up a plan for January, February and March. I will take a moment end of march to see what’s working and what’s not. For their to be growth I must produce my product. For their to be product I must plan.

There are my three major themes my loves. Stay tuned for next week to hear what I did towards these goals. Don’t forget we want to hear from you. Share your goals with us!