2016 Exciting News

While everyone else was celebrating in December and January we were planning!  We have two exciting announcements!


The first is that we are going to announce and share our 2016 personal goals and our progress.  Neither of us believe in resolutions, but instead goals.  And as LL states in her goals blog this week, some goals may take 3 months, others three years.

In addition to our weekly Wednesday blog, we will bring to you Monday and Friday updates on our individual progress and struggle.  Until Monday, we encourage you to think about your 2015 struggles and 2016 goals and follow along with us!

The second announcement is that we are joining #transformationaltuesdays and are starting a book club!  We will do a monthly podcast and will chat about the book.  The week before the podcast, we will remind you to send in any questions you have, and we will discuss your questions as well as our own.  We will announce the new book at the end of each week’s podcast!

This month’s book: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert!  So go out and get it, or if you have already read it, get your questions ready (feel free to email them to liveclarelesley@gmail.com and TITLE it: Big Magic Questions).

Go forth and Live ClareLesley!!

–LL and Clare


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