2016 Goals Plan–Clare

First, I think that LL is MUCH better at this than I am like I stated in my Goals Blog at the end of last year.  I’m GREAT at seeing something, wanting it, and working to achieve it.  I’m TERRIBLE at looking at things I want to change and keeping up the maintenance.  That being stated, there are SEVERAL things in my life that I’ve been ignoring or waving away for years.

LL inspired me in 2015 with her goals–we do that on occasion, inspire each other–and so here I am with my fresh list (well with my list of a couple of new and a couple of repeats/continuances).

In 2015, I decided to focus on my relationship with myself and to focus on making myself a more complete person, instead of continually dating or trying to date people that just weren’t interesting enough.  This one will continue in 2016.

Also for 2015, I started swimming–I have now moved and am not in walking distance of a pool, but with three different besties who’s jobs are in fitness, living with two dancers, and having several gym bunny friends, its my goal this year to find a continual workout habit–one that I like enough and will do daily or at least the recommended 3-4 times a week (so if you have suggestions, I’m open on this one.)  I want something with little commitment (so no memberships, or high cost), something that is fun or doesn’t feel like exercise–I live RIGHT across the street from Central Park, so I love walking in the park, just not when its 20 degrees outside. I ALREADY walk to the next subway station as a general guideline when I can, and I’m trying to remember to do plies or stretches while making coffee…

Next, I’m publishing my novel this year.  For more info, read my blog on it or the Facebook page!

I’m going to get better at cleaning.  I’m a clean person, but I keep stuff.  I need to be better about organizing the stuff and tossing what no longer serves me.  (I don’t need 8 dingy t-shirts when I have 10 perfectly good ones. I don’t need to keep all receipts, all the time, etc.)  Send me your organizing ideas or write them in the comments!

And now for my big one:  I have a HORRIBLE relationship with money.  HORRIBLE.  Part of it is that I’m in a moment that I’m not living paycheck to paycheck… but I’m spending like I have Park Avenue money… Interestingly enough, I don’t like asking for the amount of money I’m worth–I’m getting better–go read that blog!  But if you have any good money relationship advice, I’ll happily listen.

What are your goals for 2016?


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2 thoughts on “2016 Goals Plan–Clare

  1. For the financial goals- Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University…he has a radio show, dvd’s and he is really fun to watch and/or listen to.
    For decluttering goal- FLYLADY.net which stands for, “Finally Loving yourself!”
    Exercise goal- write down the different exercises you like doing put them in a jar and pull out a different type of exercise and go for it! There was also a great exercise game using dice written in one of my Shape magazines. There was a list of different exercises and a dice number assigned to each. You roll the dice and do the exercise assigned to that number! I imagine this game could be modified to suit your exercise preferences. For example you could roll the dice and maybe do a certain exercise video tape that day or week or go to a class, ride a bike or go for a walk! Good luck with all three goals, I’m still working on these three myself, but found the above ideas to be the most fun!
    Ps- I just realized I aged myself by saying, “video tape,” but trusting that’s an easy translate for sharp, young, brilliant minds!

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    • Lisa!!! You’re my Goals Angel! I will look into all of these and I’m DEFINITELY doing the Exercise Jar!
      (I still have a couple of video tapes laying around, and I remember laser disc and beta tapes!!! I’m older than I look!)
      I’m posting updates every Friday so please stop back by and keep me updated on your process!


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