2016 Goals update #2 LL

Last week was amazing! Seriously. I started the year off on a new journey. I had more time to do the things I wanted to do. I am taking this extra time and running with it. I have a honeymoon coming up and I know two weeks away will be amazing but it will also be two weeks of catching up on. Here’s where I am at this wee:

Health:  I’m back on my running routine with Eric. I also snagged a Pilates session with my mentor. So far my goal of staying consistent in my workouts is going great!

Personal: I wanted to make a point this year to stay in touch (not just via text) with friends who live out of the country. I set up two facetime dates this week. One of us will be having coffee the other spirits. Cannot wait!

JobLove: I scheduled a new workshop and am working out the details of my first one to be filmed.

I keep saying Happy New Year to people. I know it’s no longer “new” but something about “New Year” brightens peoples eyes and smiles. So, Happy New Year


2 thoughts on “2016 Goals update #2 LL

  1. Health: I bought myself a new pair of comfy flats and am committed to kicking heels this year in an act of self love for my knees.

    Personal: I rearranged my schedule to create space for things I feel will be more clearly aligned with my energy this year. The universe is responding quickly.

    Job: I booked a new client for Saturdays in my studio and bought Lesley’s book Profitable Pilates. I to page 36! Hopefully I can make her workshop on 2/6.

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    • My dearest beauty Jessica! You have just blown me away and made my day. You, taking control and setting goals you can stick with that also light your fire. Just amazing! Thank you so much. I truly do hope to see you on the 6th. Xx~LL 💋


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