2016 Goals update #4 Clare

This week I got the coughing cold that everyone seems to be getting–stay healthy folks!–And I had a really busy week at work, so its excuses week… I made a little progress, though.


I did a workout this week… but it was in hopes that I could push my cold through my body faster.  It just made me tired.

Organizing/ Cleaning:

I’ve convinced myself that I need to clear out and get rid of more of my things… so I can have room… actually doing it will be another day. But, honestly, I’m a “stuff person” so just changing my mindset to get rid of things is a huge step.   I’ll update when I actually do this–it will definitely be after I’m feeling better.


I was failing at writing down ALL purchases by the end of January.  I need to sit down and analyze purchases with my friend.  I think I’ll make notes of February purchases as well–looking back at January, I feel like this wasn’t my normal purchasing routine… so I want to look at a second month.


I’m told I’ll have my cover art by next week!!!!!!  So exciting.  Now I just need to raise more money and get the manuscript back from the copy editor!


I took an acting class this week with a prominent casting agent… so baby steps.

2 thoughts on “2016 Goals update #4 Clare

  1. I love your transparency! As a teacher, I have a sign in my classroom that says, “It’s ok to go slow…just don’t stop!” Of course, that is regarding school work goals. With life, sometimes we just have to stop and smell the roses and if our nose is too stuffy, then relaxing to pamper oneself is still progress. Even race car drivers have to make out stops to refuel! Love you you Clare and Lesley!

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