Goals Update 2016 #6 Clare

You guys. I’ve fallen off the wagon it’s only the of February and I feel like I’ve slowly become unfocused on Ev. Ry. Thing. Ugh. (I’m not looking for pity, in fact it’s taking a lot for me to write this because I feel I’m failing you readers. But in every hero’s journey…and RomCom… someone always takes a divergent path into trouble. So…here I am. 

I thought about doing push-ups. I blame my sickness…but I cough maybe 5 times a day…so I’m not sick enough not to work out. (Charlie Brown type of head to the table with a growl of self-disgust and frustration as my head falls). 

Although I signed up to be on a Cycle for Survival team to help raise money to cure rare cancers….

Organizing/ Cleaning:

I sat on my bed looking at the pile that I started the year looking at that made me “inspired” to organize. The pile, still there, maybe got bigger. 

I also looked at my stuffed drawers of clothing, knowing that about half of the items in EVERY drawer I don’t wear. I thought about clearing stuff out.

I got discouraged and left my room and picked up a book. 


Not only did I not write anything down this week, but I went on a legging and tunic shopping spree-this made the full drawer issue even worse. 


Wrote emails to my cover artist and my copy editor…both are backed up. Maybe it’s not just me in a slump/packed life. 


Went out to dinner with a friend who told me I needed to get an agent. I said I was trying. He said: yeah, but you need to get one. Yeah. Yup. Great. I’ll just do that. 

2 thoughts on “Goals Update 2016 #6 Clare

  1. Love this! It’s real. It’s life. Goals are messy because life is unpredictable and sometimes, you just need to shop for new leggings 🙂 You haven’t failed anyone. If anything, we’re all reminded that life doesn’t perfectly go anyone’s way. That’s part of the charm.

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