2016 Goals Update #3 Clare

Financial responsibility AND finding a workout routine!

Exercise for purchases!! Worked it out with my Financial Coach today that I need to feel my purchases and not just in my wallet. I was walking by a store that had a knockoff brand that I LOVED 10 years ago. When I didn’t need to be a human turtle and carry everything with me and on my back. Daily. In other words it wasn’t practical. But, I reasoned with myself, it was cheap. I realized two things in this moment:
1) Impulse purchases and low dollar items are what are my downfall.
2) If I attach a physical responsibility to my monetary want, do I still want it? As in, was the bag worth $10 AND 10 push ups. Nope.  My desire to own that goes away.

Ok, I realize this isn’t the complete answer to my work out issue, or to my financial issue, but its maybe a step in the right direction.

Focusing on my relationship with myself:

I haven’t touched on this one yet in my updates–partially because I sort of do it and don’t know I’m doing it.  However, I should report.  It is now a habit to have face time, as in be in the same location with, a friend.

LL and I are picking books for our podcast that are in the personal growth/self-help arena, and I’m focusing on other things in my life that make me stronger as a single person.  So I’ll be a part of a pair, not a half a person until I find someone.

Cleaning and Organizing:

I went through a lot of papers that were just sitting around my room.  I often times open mail, and keep the part that is important and then “refile” it in my room in a pile.  I need to figure out a better way to do this… if you have a good idea on filing papers that I just need to look at in a week or so when I have time to actually read them, and them will toss or actually file them, please leave a comment or email your suggestion to liveclarelesley@gmail.com



5 Steps to “Milking It”

As you may know I am a Pilates Instructor! I love everything about the Pilates Method. There is a method to the madness. Joe Pilates (yes, he was a real person) created this incredible workout regimin that not only transformed my body but it transformed my entire life.

After falling in love with Pilates as a regular workout routine, I began to study as more than just a practitioner. Although, even practitioners have to study it for life to master many of the exercises. It was no longer just a workout for me, though. It became my outlet. My way of taking time to study my body from the inside out. From my brain to my toes and back up out through my fingers and my eyes.

I have always been an athlete. Maybe not a great one. I never was in the Olympics, and did not train in College. But, I had a great running career and love training like one. However, my natural strength and hyper-mobility combined with my instinctual desire to just “get it done” have had to face the truth. If I want to do Pilates the way it is meant to be done. If I want to get ALL the intricate benefits of Pilates I’m going to have to Milk it. I am going to have to Milk it for all it’s worth.

Urban Dictionary defines “milking it” as taking more time then due, or taking advantage of more time than due. Short for “milking it for all it’s worth.”

Photo Credit Vintage Pilates 

What does any of this have to do with you? Well, a lot actually. Think about how you do your work. How do you attack a problem? How do you handle a goal or a challenge? Do you throw a bunch of options at the problem to see what sticks? Do you take a step back and look at the big picture? Do you race to just “get it done?”
I’m a doer. I love to have lots of things going on. I love to see how much I can get done in a day. If I do not like something you’ll know. I race through the process like a horse at a track. Just get to the finish line I would tell myself. Just get it done.

Taking yet another leap of faith and putting all my energy into working for myself, I have promised myself to enjoy the present more. I no longer have to get things done on anyone else’s timeline. So, there is no reason to rush a process. Not that I am saying go at a snails pace. Nothing like that. After all, some goals in life have to have timelines. Weather, budgets, and even competition can put some pressure on your pace. But, what if you milked your life a bit? What if you just took the time a project took to finish?

In these first few weeks of the year I am constantly surprising myself at how much some things take and how other things take virtually no time at all. I went from a mile a minute, SO so so many plates spinning in the air, to creating my own schedule. Enjoying each project I have, each email. I wake up and remind myself to milk each minute of each day.

In Yoga, there is a saying “how you are on your mat is how you are in life,” or “how you do one thing is how you do everything” is true. It took my Pilates practice to change my career path and now I’m letting it change how I face the projects and goals of my day.

How can you change how you do something?

  1. Pick one thing that you can practice your new outlook on.
  2. Give that project, workout, walk, mediation the time and energy it deserves. milk it! Wring all the juices out of it.
  3. Then do it again tomorrow.
  4. Do it again and again with the same thing until you don’t have to remind yourself anymore.
  5. Then take a look at how much of the other parts of your life will have already been affected. Without even knowing it your practice will change your process in more areas than one.

It’s your life! Milk the SHIT out of it!


Photo credit: Vintage Pilates (LL on machine).

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2016 Goals update #3 LL

Life is back in full swing. A wedding, work and my birthday are here. In the schedule and asking for attention. It’s easy to drop new habits to quickly handle the opportunities that arise. But, my goal is to use these opportunities to strengthen my new habits. So, a few schedule changes here and there and wah-lah. All is well and now I can enjoy the nuptials of my friend and have my birthday cake too!

Health: my yoga teacher is out of town. I took advantage of his absence by going to my friends classes.

Personal: Operation consolidation is in full swing. I am free of an extra checking account.

JobLove: Filming a workshop and submitting applications for these workshops to offer continue education credits.

If you take a look ahead you can pretty much make room for anything extra that comes your way.