Goals Update 2016 #7–Clare

Good news!  The wagon was waiting around the corner… so I caught up!  Ok, I did better this week.  I’m not back at where I was, but considering Easter candy, especially Cadbury Mini Eggs arrived in stores this week… I’m doing pretty well.


I’ve only bought one bag of mini eggs–even though it was the gigando bag.  My vacation savings is still on track.. I’m saving $30 a week for vacation.  I keep meaning to start up my spending notebook… but I just forget when I purchase something–I NEED to restart. It made me so much more conscious of my spending!


I’m doing Cycle for Survival–and trying to raise money and awareness for rare cancer research, so please go visit my fundraising page!!!  It’s in two weeks! 

Monday I literally ran around town a lot for work…well, I literally WALKED–but it made me realize that I like doing a little (20ish minutes) of non-sweaty, first thing in the morning, exercise. Here’s the thing. I LIKE exercise. I HATE getting sweaty and gross. The way my brain works is for a workout at the gym, I have to have travel time (1ish hour round trip), exercise time (45 min/hr), and shower/cleanup time (30-45 min). That’s a LOT of time for me to set aside. BUT–if I can figure out something that makes me feel good that isn’t a huge time commitment…that is my exercise. 

So, the next day I set my alarm to walk in the park for 20 min…but I woke up and it was 20 degrees…I ended up doing 5 Sun Salutations. 

AND I’ve done 5 Sun Saluations every morning this week–well 6 out of 7.  But the day I didn’t I swam!!!  I miss swimming!

I did more with the other goals…but I’ll update you next week on those!

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