Goals Update 2016 #8 Clare


UGH… faced some harsh realities this week… Sat down and mapped out spending habits versus income.  Its not pretty.


I’m working on finding a tap class!!  I miss it!  In the mean time, I swam once this week, and did 6 Sun Salutations each morning!


You guys AREN’T going to believe this–I went through two drawers, got rid of a whole bag of clothes, AND I cleared off the top of my dresser! (Well, the half that had all of the junk on it.)  Now I just have to make room for the clean clothes sitting on top of my jewelry box, by cleaning out more drawers next week!


Sigh… nothing to report here.  I found another person who was willing to copy edit!  YAY.  I lost my fundraising motivation.  Have to find it again.  Maybe its under the pile of clothes on my dresser.


Took another class this week… the lovely casting agent told me that he’s mostly casting Latino projects–so not me this week.  But I have an audition coming up for a play… so fingers crossed that I’ll book it, someone will happen to trickle in, ask me in for a meeting, and think about signing me…. basically, cleaning out my drawers and doing all of the sun salutations is easier…. but I did have a friend approach me about co-writing a children’s musical.

And I was a guest blogger for Just Add Tea today! 




5 thoughts on “Goals Update 2016 #8 Clare

  1. I really enjoyed your post over at Just Add Tea — you did a great job of describing how good it is to plunge into fantasy. And good luck with your audition for the play! Make sure to do several sun salutations beforehand. Might help with flexibility. 🙂

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