Goals Update 2016 #9 Clare


Ugh.   Money is hard.  I’m doing all of the working.  None of the saving, and even less of the paying off the credit cards.


Well, I think I get three gold stars for this week!!!  I did sun salutations EVERY DAY.  I participated in Cycle for Survival on Sunday, and did not one but TWO hours of cycling.  AND I went to a tap class with a friend–and we’re going to try to go weekly together.


Last week I started to clear out a drawer a week.  I put a reminder in my phone to remind me weekly.

I go through a drawer–because its not a huge time committment.  I take out anything that I’m just over and put it in a bag and put it in another room.  If I think about it the next day, I take it out.  If I don’t, the bag goes to Goodwill on Monday!

Two drawers down!!


I put a reminder in my phone to fund raise, but that just keeps getting snoozed.  This post makes me remember too!  Whoops.



I have TWO auditions in the next month!  No agent yet, but one of these projects might get me there!!

Tell us what you think!

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