Goals Update 2016 #11 Clare


Eeek. I’ve been looking into debt consolidation. Which, to be honest is making me feel like a failure. I’m a hard worker, I just don’t make enough money to live the way I used to live. Money is such a hard thing. 


I’ve been super busy–always a terrible excuse. But I’ve done sun salutations 5 out of 7 days. I worked a huge event last weekend and one of the bartenders told me that according to his FitBit he walks an average of 15 miles during an event. So….I think I walked about half that. 


I cleaned half my closet!  It’s getting warmer, so soon I’ll have to flip over wardrobes. I want to get rid of more winter stuff before I put it away!!  


 I’m making plans to next week, once work slows down, to start knocking on doors again asking for help to publish. 


I auditioned for a dream role this week, and it was given to someone else.  I’m recovering by sending postcards to casting agents next week. 

One thought on “Goals Update 2016 #11 Clare

  1. Debt consolidation is not a failure. It’s a tool that is available to help continue to focus on your 2016 Goals.
    Sorry you didn’t get the role! I was cheering for you from here! Don’t give up, one day you will meet “YOUR” role!

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