Goals 2016 #14 LL

Alright, confession time! I’ve been super on top of some goals and absolutely postponing others.

On top of:

  • Pilates Biz
  • Pilates Coaching Biz
  • Workouts
  • Consolidation of stuff

Pushing to the side/Procrastinating:

  • Savings plan
  • Researching
  • Stomach issues

To be completely honest it is not that I haven’t been working on these things. I look at them on my Omnifocus regularly. Just that I either don’t have all the tools I need or can’t tackle the thought of it yet.

My savings plan has been tough since I am fully working for just myself. It’s hard to know how much money is coming in this month vs next month. Plus, I am trying to payoff a credit card by August. I have decided that until I pay off that card my savings plan might not be exactly what I want.

Researching has mostly been because I cannot commit to what topic I want to look into. I am easily distracted.

My stomach issues: I know this sounds like something not to postpone. Trust me I have not been avoiding it. I am in this insurance limbo. I will lose my old insurance and then can sign up for new insurance. So, until then I am doing different things to try to figure this gut out myself. I am starting a “stomach reset” and will update you when it’s over.

I know this is a longer update. However, I wanted to share with you all that sometimes you just can’t get to it all. Also, I have decided that I will not judge myself for not getting these things in order yet. Just acknowledging them and doing my best is also progress. It’s progress not perfection dear readers.



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