Goals 2016 #15 LL

One of my big goals for 2015 was getting into Vintage Pilates “The Work.” It’s an incredibly tough program to get into and then even tougher once you are in it.

I practiced weekly. Every single week of 2015. I told every teacher I was working with about my desire to get into the program. I was one of almost 60 people from around the world to audition. I found out just before Thanksgiving that I was one of 12 people to get in. YAAS!!!

This past couple weeks I have been living, breathing and sweating Pilates. Not that I don’t usually. Just that these last couple of weeks was our second round of “The Work” classes. Hours of learning, strengthening, moving and more.

I have never had some much fun learning before. I’m making a personal note to myself (and sharing with you all) that I must make conscious effort to choose goals that not only challenge me but I can have fun doing them.

Next up is continuing a 2016 goal. Staying in the program. I have a few months until I assess for the third part of this year long program. If you need me I’ll be on the Cadillac!


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