Goals Updates 2016–#16 Clare


I’m finding those insurance commercials HILARIOUS, where the people keep creating things to do so they don’t have to call their insurance company… that’s kind of where I am when it comes to my finances: I keep busy so I don’t have to do it.  And I keep putting it off… ugh.


I did all of the working out.  I also added 10 push ups to my morning sun salutations.  And I’m also trying to practice tap steps daily.  Strength is the goal.  Well, strength and persistence.


It seems like I keep making piles, and then making them go away, and then new piles form.  This seems like the curse of having stuff.


I talked to my copy editors–both have been swamped with work.  Both have promised to start working again!


I took a class last week that I was unsure about, but got some good feedback.  I submitted for a huge handful of auditions this week. So… something feels like its on the way!

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