Goals Update 2016 #19 LL

So up until this point I have only been sharing my goal updates. But, my husband and I have goals together. I can’t believe I haven’t been sharing these updates.

We wanted to focus on our business together and a few other things. It’s important to have our own goals and then also have goals as a couple.

Goal: Get our finances in order

  • pay off wedding check
  • payment plan for honeymoon  check check

Goal: get Gaia a brother

  • CHECK CHECK he’s the freaking cutest. You can see pics of him here and here

Goal: discover our vision- we did and it’s epic. Not for sharing yet

Goal: continue to enjoy the honeymoon feeling month after month CHECK CHECK

Having goals with someone else is new for me. The teamwork helps me feel even stronger in my own personal goals. What goals do you share with someone else in your life?




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