Goals 2016–Lesley

I’m literally sitting in the desert at Joshua Tree. I haven’t had a shower since Friday. It’s been an adventure, like any camping trip should be. We rolled in later than expected and had a rough start to our holiday weekend. Coyotes howling and birds squawking combined with the sun beating into our tent to early for two people on vacation. Waking up with a stress hangover from the night before I was determined to get the holiday back on a good foot.

Soooo…I pulled out a legal pad and a pen. I reviewed the work I was doing compared to where I felt I should be. Then I asked myself what I felt needed changing and got honest about a hamster wheel vs a journey. It’s easy and safe in the hamster wheel.
I’ve been working for myself for 6 months. It’s easier to see a bigger picture now that I’ve been rocking my own business. Things I thought might be too big to dream are happening sooner than expected too! So, I get to dream bigger!!! I’m actually super excited to get home. Not just for a much needed shower but so I can get online and start working on my new game plan.
Sometimes things don’t go as expected. Grab a piece of paper and take back control!

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