Thankful Thursday

Inspired by one of Clare’s friends who posts what she is thankful for daily, we want to inspire you!

Each week we encourage you to tune in, join the discussion and pass on your own thankful thoughts!

We are thankful for fireworks!  Both the actual ones, and the ones you feel in your tummy and see over your head when magical things are happening to you!

We are thankful for summer and weather that makes you want to get out side and commune with nature and each other!

Be safe this weekend #happy4th to our worldwide friends, and #happyIndependenceDay to our American friends!

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Stop Recording, Enjoy the Actual Moment

At the end of May, my little step-sister got married. As I was curling her hair, she gave me strict instructions to tell the family to put away our phones. As I took my seat, the officiant announced that this was an “unplugged” ceremony, and that the bride and groom requested no photos or videos during the ceremony. There was a professional photographer to record it all. My sister just wanted us to enjoy and be a part of the ceremony. 

I’ve been a “stop taking pictures, enjoy the moment” person even before everyone had a device in their hand and took on the role as head documentarian in their own lives. 

This being said–I take pictures. I spent three weeks in Europe last summer and took ironic daily selfies. Originally these were to send to my mom, but I ended up putting them up on social media because people on social media requested pictures and updates to see how my trip was going. I took almost 1000 pictures on my trip. Many of them were the same, taking and retaking moments to find “the perfect one”: perfect angle, perfect light, perfect moment. I took them so I would remember all the moments from my trip. The thing is, the memories that come to mind are NOTHING that I captured on my phone. Most of my pictures I’ve used for background art for LiveClareLesley quotes. I’ve deleted all but maybe 40 of those pictures. 
My rockstar friend, Angie, has gigs once a month–and I take pictures and videos at each of those. I’ve learned to take a moment and post them on social media in the moment–because the reason I take those pics and video are to promote her. I usually wait a week and then delete. I’m not worried about it, because I’ll remember her concerts, or at least moments of them. I never look at them after. I’ll stop every once in a while when I scroll through my pictures (usually to make art for LCL!) But other than that, I just don’t look at them. 

The point I’m trying to lead to is: why do we take so many photos and videos? Are we so in trusting of our memories? 
Whereas, I like seeing #flashbackfriday and #tbt posts, and I enjoy Facebook reminding me of posts I made in previous years, I don’t need to prep for these things. I don’t need to save every photo. 

I remember when I was younger, I hated looking through photo albums, especially those I wasn’t featured.  (I might be a brat, but I’d rather you just told me about your trip to The Grand Canyon instead of showing me 500 photos of you swearing and sweating on a donkey.) So many times pictures were just people standing in front of things–which spur memories, but never seems to capture them. I think even as a child I had the notion that the past was over and my memories of it were enough. Add in that my high school journalism teacher hated posed pictures–so that fostered something else in me. I generally stay away from posed pictures (other than the ironic selfie now and then). 

The thing is that people spend so much time recording the actual happening that they miss or don’t enjoy it. I loved my sister’s wedding because we were, all 50 of us in attendance, present for the 20 minutes together. Just being, rejoicing in love. It was great. There were many silly pictures taken before and after. But my best memories from the weekend are stored not in my phone, Facebook or a camera, but in my head. 

To modernize Ferris Bueller, stop and enjoy life instead of recording it, otherwise you’ll miss the actual moment. 


Goals Update 2016 #24 LL

I literally just returned from an incredible weekend away with my husband and several yogis to Ojai, CA. A goal of mine since I restarted life in 2013 was to travel more often. In 2016 it’s been important to me and my husband that we take time to stop and smell the roses. This past weekend we so did that!

This week:

Health: here’s hoping I get some test results back. In the meantime I have almost achieved my goal of handstands. You might remember this struggle from Love the Skin your In blog.

Financial: Reminding myself that bills mean I am in business.

Business: There is so crazy good movement in my personal businesses. I’m continually focusing on what I have now and being grateful for that. It’s so easy to think about what I do not have. I must stay focused.

Personal: Our wedding was Published on and our Podcast is now live! Two goals that have been months in the planning and making.

We may be halfway through the year but that doesn’t mean you have to be halfway to your goals. Everything seriously has it’s own timeline. Just keep chipping away at what means most to you!


Goals Update 2016-#23 Clare

Last week was a low… It was also extremely busy.  Summer is here and work is busy, but I’m feeling a little more in control.  Well… sort of…

Finances:  I got a new job.  So… yay.  We will see how that goes, but I’m excited.

Fitness:  I’m trying to eat many more vegetables–I feel like maybe I might not be eating enough good things… so I’m trying that and walking more every day.  I’m not the only one of my friends feeling chubby… so even though I don’t feel super healthy, I’m feeling like I’m not alone.

Book: Nothing this week

Agent:  Another good audition!

Organization: Cleaning out is complete.

Thankful Thursday

Inspired by one of Clare’s friends who posts what she is thankful for daily, we want to inspire you!

Each week we encourage you to tune in, join the discussion and pass on your own thankful thoughts!

We are thankful for love.  It truly conquers all.  Everyone deserves it.  Everyone can give it.  It is hard to understand but easy to feel.  It grows as you give it.  The more you give love, the more you receive.

We are thankful for support.  In these insane times, it is lovely to have a shoulder to lean on, no matter if its across the globe, or just next door. #weareorlando #pride

Comment below with what you’re thankful for, and post on social media with #thankfulthursday #liveclarelesley

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When Entreprenuers Marry

“So, how’s married life?”



Seriously, I have this exchange almost daily. Someone asks me how married life is. I say amazing, so great, wonderful and other perfectly descriptive words that are honestly true. Instead of getting a “that’s so great” or “so happy for you.” I get the question: “Really?” Why are they so surprised? Why would they ask if they didn’t want to hear the truth? Were they wishing I said something else like “it’s ok?” I hate to think that they were hoping I would say something negative that would help them feel better about their own situation.

When my mother said it I finally asked her why everyone is acting surprised. Now, I don’t mean to imply that every person who says it is doubting. But, the way they say it seems to be a feeling of doubtful surprise. 

She said that it’s because there are adjustments getting used to the person, marriage is hard, etc. Of course I never went into marriage thinking it would be easy. Unlike many of my college friends I saw the ups and downs of a marriage. Side note: I went to a Private University and found out that many people never saw their parents fight ever. So, when they got married before 25 they were quite surprised. Back on to my blog, I actually don’t mind too much that I saw the arguing. They also showed the romance and were open and honest about sex and money. Going into marriage I wasn’t thinking it would be a walk in the park. 

But, I love being married! Seriously, when I say married life is amazing, it’s because, for my husband and I, it is.  Is our life easy? No. We both work multiple projects, we have dogs and some serious college debt. We basically work for ourselves which has its own entrepreneurial stress, we live in a studio apartment with 2 pitbulls. Our life is awesome! 

I don’t want to come off like my marriage/life is better than. Actually, I’m hoping I can address something more specific. Marriage or any relationship can be tough. Has its ups and it’s downs. But, it doesn’t have to be anything less than amazing.  

I listened to my mom and even a few others explain why they responded in a surprise. They had valid points. As a couple we are not experiencing those points.  At least not in a bad way. Sure, it takes getting used to going from living alone to living with someone. Combining schedules, goals and other life pressures are there daily, to challenge happiness. Here’s some of the points people have brought up are tough and how you can avoid them being an issue:

1)  Sharing space with someone else: My husband and I moved in together really quickly. Do I think this is why there was no adjusting to sharing space? Nope, but we adjusted prior to engagement so this was pretty status quo. I recommend you live with your significant other (SO) when you feel it’s right. For some people during the dating period is right. Others, post nuptials is a grand idea. Do not move in with you SO anytime before your ready. If anyone makes you feel like you should do it sooner or wait longer say “thank you, I’ll keep that in mind.” Then listen to your own gut.

We live in a studio with 2 dogs. There is not a lot of space for anyone. However, because I love our time together and we communicate we each have space for our things. Also, we don’t believe in buying more than what we need. If you are not used to sharing space with someone else before the big move in I recommend getting organized and getting rid of all things not necessary (both parties). Then, combine the households and donate duplicates or if you can just buy new stuff together and donate both “olds.” 

2) Finances: We have always pretty much gone dutch. I know this will shock some people but when we married we didn’t combine incomes. Instead we got a card together. The household stuff goes on the card we pay it off evenly and then we are free to spend our money how we want. So many fights come down to money. Someone spends and the other doesn’t or one person knows where all the money is going and the other doesn’t. We have financial goals together, savings and a vision for our future. But, we also have debts before the relationship. Our way is a great way to have constant communication about what we are buying and why without anyone feeling like they have to ask permission. This may sounds quite unromantic and very business-y but as I mentioned we are both Entrepreneurs so doing business is kind of our thing, and also when it comes to doing business it’s not personal. The finance part of life isn’t personal. So no need to treat it like it is.

3) Time: We have nights that are guaranteed work/meet with other nights and nights we expect to be together. We share a calendar so we can easily put dates and events in our schedules which allows us to avoid double booking because one person forgot to add an event to their calendar. We also don’t assume the other is free. We ask each other what we are up to for the weekend ahead and schedule in at least one date night or more a week. This way it feels like we are still asking the other person out. It’s important to have time together but also to have time with our own friends or doing our own projects.

4) Delegating tasks: Who does what? Why? When? Well, I refuse to nag and I hate to ask more than once. We use Basecamp to assign todo’s, send info and have conversations about projects. This keeps them from getting lost in a slew of text messages. It also frees up our conversations to be about our day, goals and more without constantly going over what needs to be done. Imagine your messages just having emoji’s, I love you’s and have a nice day!

5) Love Languages: There is an easy, simple quiz online and single or in a relationship you must take it. Knowing how you give and receive love makes it easier for someone else to receive your love and give you love in your own language. My love languages are “words of affirmation” and “touch.” My husbands are “acts of service” and “touch.” When I surprise him with a pizza I am speaking his love language. When he leaves me a note on my coffee cup telling me something sweet he is speaking mine. When we speak our own language to each other we are able to translate that. All relationships require communication and vulnerability.

There are probably more points of contention in relationships I could talk about. But, I’ll save those for a different day. If you’re single, keep these in the back of your mind for the next relationship. If you’re in a relationship and struggling with one of these, try it out. Let me know how it goes. No two relationships are the same.

Finally, I ran into two girlfriends this past week. One who has been married 10 years and another 3. Both asked how married life was going. I said “absolutely amazing!” They responded “isn’t it! Don’t you just love being married?” So, nice to hear that I am not the only one. Which means everyone can have amazingness in their relationships whether they are single, dating, married or betrothed.


PS you can check out our wedding at and listen to our Story as we just launched a podcast.

Goals Update 2016 #23 LL

What a week! I have honestly not had a “regular” schedule since two weeks before Memorial weekend. Maybe even longer. So, perhaps my “regular” schedule is to have an Irregular schedule? Something I may need to think about this week. In the meantime here’s the latest!

Health: I’ve been super consistent with my workouts and super positive about them as well. As you know from love the skin you’re in this can be difficult for me. I set high expectations. But this year I’ve been working towards force and fabulous and happy to report its working. 

Financial: this weekend I cleaned out my closets! I know what does this have to do with finances? But I sold lots of it to resale shops and donated the rest. Now I know what I have and what I need to buy. 

Business: major shifts are happening! This week launches my Pilatini Nights and teachers are excited! 

I’m also happy to say I’m going on a vacation! A mini one and I’m not overworking myself before it. I’m loving 2016 even if it’s ridiculously full! 


PS you can still take advantage of my discount code at Enjoy 30 days free Pilates classes online and incredible recipes including the stomach reset that I did this year to curb my sugar addiction. Use SUMMERPP before 6/25 to enjoy.

Goals Update 2016 #22 Clare

So… you know in Charlie Brown where he bangs his head against things when he is frustrated?…. yeah, I’m feeling that way this week.  My friend, This, That, and the Other Thang wrote an optimistic blog that made me feel a little more uplifted… but I’m still grouchy.

Finance- I feel like I’m ignoring like the annoying kid who keeps repeating the same thing over and over and over, trying to get me to look at him.

Fitness-I went to cycling class this week (I think this is like my 10th one this year–right, I know–for someone who was scared of it, and is crazy busy… its pretty good), and I got super dizzy after.  And I’m feeling so fat right now.  And its sooooo frustrating. (Charlie Brown head bang on table)

Book–see my commentary on fitness… although this one feels more like hide and seek… I keep running away, knowing that I need to do other things…. hoping my book doesn’t find me.

Organizing–I’m winning at something… I’ve got my room neat and tidy.  Well most days.  If you saw my little 8′ X 12′ room, and you know how much of a “stuff” person I am… you’d totally understand.

Agent–I had a big name national commercial audition this week… and did ANYONE watch the Tony’s OMG… LOVE that so many of the speeches were about achieving career greatness later in life.  Its coming… I just have to read my own blog on PATIENCE again.

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Thankful Thursday

Inspired by one of Clare’s friends who posts what she is thankful for daily, we want to inspire you!

Each week we encourage you to tune in, join the discussion and pass on your own thankful thoughts!

We are thankful for the courage to be bold–both Lesley and Clare have taken giant, scary, exciting leaps in life and it paid off. Eventually. Don’t be afraid to be bold! 

We are thankful for inspiration–it’s everywhere, just open your eyes and observe! 

Comment below with what you’re thankful for, and post on social media with #thankfulthursday #liveclarelesley

If you have a comment scroll down past the tags below (or up, if you’re on the main page), or email us at We LOVE your feedback!! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for DAILY inspiration!

Ways I’m trying to quash my jealousy. 

Jealousy is an interesting feeling. It comes up suddenly and inspires all sorts of feelings: rage, disappointment, loneliness, insecurity, to mention a few. Jealousy is the really frustrated and angry feeling of desire or need for what someone else has. According to Psychology Today “jealousy can strike…when a third party threat to a valued relationship is perceived…”

Now, I don’t get jealous easily. Sure I’ve felt my share of envy: wanting a certain role now, or a new flute in high school, wanting the drive others have to make their careers work.  I am envious of many people, but very rarely jealous.  And although similar, they’re far from the same thing.  Lately, I’ve been suffering tremendously, painful jealousy.  One of my friends seems to spend so much time with another friend and it drives me crazy, nee insane. Al, my friend, seems to continually post on social media every time they hang out. They see each other multiple times a week. They’ve been on vacations together.  And with it in my face constantly, I find that I’m actually doubly jealous because I want a friend like that, and I want to be that to my friend.  I want that, but for some reason can’t have it.  And I don’t know why.

Jealousy is not a fun way to feel. It’s anger and neediness all rolled into one. According to Psychology Today, it’s a survival skill that arises when a relationship feels threatened.  And I guess that is where I am. It’s an odd feeling–I rarely feel threatened.  But for some reason, this friendship I do. I just can’t be all the things that this other friend is to Al.  And I don’t know why. Which makes me seem inferior and unworthy, which makes me jealous and depressed. And the cycle doesn’t stop.

Relationships are chemical. All relationships. Romantic or platonic, although we’re more forgiving in the platonic kind. However this chemical attraction is what keeps the relationship going. We have to work hard on all relationships. We have to come forward, or in my case, let others come forward and take ownership of the relationship as well.  When one person doesn’t seem to put forward as much as the other, it’s frustrating. And it gets worse when they put, what seems to be more effort, towards another person.

I’m jealous because I want to be everything, but I can’t. I want to be as important to Al as he is to me….and I want to believe I am, but for some reason I don’t trust the fact. I don’t expect any of my friends to solely focus on me. That would be narcissistic and boring. But at the same time, I’m jealous that my friend seems to spend a lot of time with another one of his friends.

In a conversation tonight with my friend Dee, a nail was hit on the head. Dee tossed the painful realization at me that I’m seeking to fill a void in my life and seeking to fill it with people who aren’t correctly suited to do so. Instead I need to find the strength within myself to be complete, and not wait around for my friend Al to come dashing to my side–because that has never happened, and probably won’t.

As I’m writing this, I’m babysitting and watching the end of Big Hero 6–the kiddos started it before they went to bed and it’s running in the background. And I do love this movie.  Sorry to ruin it for you, but in one of the final scenes Beta Max says to Hiro–who doesn’t want to leave him– “I will always be with you.”

The Universe always sends the message we need, doesn’t it??

Trust.  Trust is the antidote to jealousy.

I have to trust my friendship.  It is important.  My friend Al does make time for me and is happy to see me, but for some reason I forget that the moment I see a picture on social media.  I have to create a strong talisman against this jealousy. So what am I doing to make this better?

  1. Breathe.  Yeah… this is ALWAYS my first step–but its important to do.
  2. Get it out physically.  DON’T HURT ANYONE, but a nice jog or a hearty physical workout always helps get the emotions out of my body.
  3. Block social media.  I took a break from my friend.  I hid him for a couple of weeks.  If I want to text or call or email, I do.  But I’m taking a social media hiatus until I can handle it again.  (After all, social media isn’t real life.  Its what people want you to see.)
  4. Journal.  And blog.  And talk to friends.  Get it out–otherwise it festers.
  5. Rational conversation.  When I’m ready, I’m going to have a rational, unemotional conversation with my friend–I actually have had this conversation with him a few times.  Every time he always hugs me, tells me I’m silly because he loves spending time with me.
  6. Know your pressure points.  Like in step one, I know that social media pics and posts push me over the edge.  You can’t avoid the pressure points forever, but know when you are about to steer into a situation that might set you off, either mentally arm yourself, or know you’re about to snap, and try to restrain your feelings.

I would like to make clear that I’M NOT a psychologist or psychiatrist.  However I do know people, and I am trying to learn my own mind.  Jealousy is not an easy emotion to deal with, and I certainly haven’t mastered or overcome it yet.  I would love to discuss this with any of you!  Please leave comments or suggestions!!