Goals update 2016 #20 Clare


I was at my little sister’s wedding last week, so I spent money to travel.  But it was worth it!  She was BEAUTIFUL!! AND it was my birthday this week… so… ya know… I didn’t go crazy, but I wasn’t as good as I’ve been the past few weeks.


You would think that its harder to keep up the fitness while on vacation–I actually did more.  I did a few extra every day in building up to my vacation, and then I ended up doing more on my vacation, too!


I’m slowly getting rid of old makeup.  Really–I don’t think you should keep stuff that is old… like years old.  Especially if it smells funny or crumbles quickly.


I’ve been talking to a lot of people about it lately.  Maybe its the gas I need to get started again!


Nothing this week.

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