Goals Update 2016 #21 LL

Does anyone feel like Holiday weeks are a marathon? I came back from an incredibly inspiring camping trip and then it was 5 days of work shoved into 4 and a huge launch.

Financial goals I’m good. Pretty on track with where I want to be income wise just not where I want to be debt wise. Like I said I’m working on it. In the meantime I’ve gone over the budget and pretty sure I’m just on a mini detour.

Business goals: This week my friend and I launched our Pilates Day Retreats! It was almost a sell out and we announced our next one and have filled it almost halfway in a day. This week I am also announcing my Maui retreat AND I have a secret event I am starting that I will share with you soon. I’m feeling fired up about my business. Lots of plates spinning but none wobbling.

Health: I’m still on the journey to finding a happy place with my digestive system. All tests have either been tested or scheduled. I’ve got a biggie this week. Fingers crossed something helpful comes out of it.

Personal: The puppy keeps us very present. We’ve got a bundle of energy and he’s going to puppy training! Not sure he realizes that yet…

Have an amazing week loves and be sure to continue celebrating our Clare’s bday. All you have to do is open a door for a stranger!



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