Goals update 2016 #22 LL

One of my biggest goals for 2016 was to figure out what is going on with my stomach. If you have followed some of my updates I have talked about going off sugar and other tests trying to solve the problem. It has definitely been lots of trials, errors, patience and truly just sticking with the goal.

I’ve been working closely with some doctors and we know a few things it is not. I have another test this week and the prep for it is the focus of this week when it comes to my health. Stay tuned on the results. I’m so hoping I can cross this goal off and focus on some other things.

However, I have something exciting to share with all of our readers! The stomach reset I went on is having a summer kick off. Here are the details and you can enjoy my promo code to enjoy 30 days free. The reset is 41 days so go for it! Honestly, you don’t have to have stomach issues to do this. I really learned so much about my relationship with sugar because of this reset. Oh, you’ll get lots of great Pilates classes with it!

The next M&K Session is Coming! 

(100% online: lessons via email and workouts are on Mat & Kitchen)


Register HERE now. We begin June 20th, 2015


This FREE 30 Day Session teaches you how to balance your fun & health:

  • Scheduled workouts that focus on cooling your internal system to balance the heat of the season and keep your metabolism burning. 
  • Specific foods that aid digestion, weight loss and cooling your system for the Summer season
  • Rest, Ritual and Self Care; this lesson will include earthing, meditation, sleep and epsom baths/foot soaks. 
  • M&K Party Tips – How to navigate alcohol and sweet treats without blowing your progress.
  • A grand prize worth $500+ from fit & well M&K partners for one lucky participant!

*Please share this opportunity with your friends and family. 

Because I’m friends with Tandy, Mat & Kitchen’s Co-Founder, I get to give you 30 days free on the site to all who register for this session. To Access your 30 days FREE of M&K workouts and food please use promo code: SUMMERPP at checkout HERE (https://www.matandkitchen.com/page.php?n=signup) Friday June 17th – Saturday June 25th 2016. 

* 30 days free eligibility is based on those who have not been a subscriber or used a promo code in the last 12 months on www.matandkitchen.com

If you do it let me know! I’d love to support you. xx~LL

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