Goals Update 2016 #22 Clare

So… you know in Charlie Brown where he bangs his head against things when he is frustrated?…. yeah, I’m feeling that way this week.  My friend, This, That, and the Other Thang wrote an optimistic blog that made me feel a little more uplifted… but I’m still grouchy.

Finance- I feel like I’m ignoring like the annoying kid who keeps repeating the same thing over and over and over, trying to get me to look at him.

Fitness-I went to cycling class this week (I think this is like my 10th one this year–right, I know–for someone who was scared of it, and is crazy busy… its pretty good), and I got super dizzy after.  And I’m feeling so fat right now.  And its sooooo frustrating. (Charlie Brown head bang on table)

Book–see my commentary on fitness… although this one feels more like hide and seek… I keep running away, knowing that I need to do other things…. hoping my book doesn’t find me.

Organizing–I’m winning at something… I’ve got my room neat and tidy.  Well most days.  If you saw my little 8′ X 12′ room, and you know how much of a “stuff” person I am… you’d totally understand.

Agent–I had a big name national commercial audition this week… and did ANYONE watch the Tony’s OMG… LOVE that so many of the speeches were about achieving career greatness later in life.  Its coming… I just have to read my own blog on PATIENCE again.

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