Goals Update 2016 #23 LL

What a week! I have honestly not had a “regular” schedule since two weeks before Memorial weekend. Maybe even longer. So, perhaps my “regular” schedule is to have an Irregular schedule? Something I may need to think about this week. In the meantime here’s the latest!

Health: I’ve been super consistent with my workouts and super positive about them as well. As you know from love the skin you’re in this can be difficult for me. I set high expectations. But this year I’ve been working towards force and fabulous and happy to report its working. 

Financial: this weekend I cleaned out my closets! I know what does this have to do with finances? But I sold lots of it to resale shops and donated the rest. Now I know what I have and what I need to buy. 

Business: major shifts are happening! This week launches my Pilatini Nights and teachers are excited! 

I’m also happy to say I’m going on a vacation! A mini one and I’m not overworking myself before it. I’m loving 2016 even if it’s ridiculously full! 


PS you can still take advantage of my discount code at matandkitchen.com Enjoy 30 days free Pilates classes online and incredible recipes including the stomach reset that I did this year to curb my sugar addiction. Use SUMMERPP before 6/25 to enjoy.

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