Goals Update 2016 #24 LL

I literally just returned from an incredible weekend away with my husband and several yogis to Ojai, CA. A goal of mine since I restarted life in 2013 was to travel more often. In 2016 it’s been important to me and my husband that we take time to stop and smell the roses. This past weekend we so did that!

This week:

Health: here’s hoping I get some test results back. In the meantime I have almost achieved my goal of handstands. You might remember this struggle from Love the Skin your In blog.

Financial: Reminding myself that bills mean I am in business.

Business: There is so crazy good movement in my personal businesses. I’m continually focusing on what I have now and being grateful for that. It’s so easy to think about what I do not have. I must stay focused.

Personal: Our wedding was Published on APracticalWedding.com and our Podcast is now live! Two goals that have been months in the planning and making.

We may be halfway through the year but that doesn’t mean you have to be halfway to your goals. Everything seriously has it’s own timeline. Just keep chipping away at what means most to you!


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