Goals update 2016 #22 LL

One of my biggest goals for 2016 was to figure out what is going on with my stomach. If you have followed some of my updates I have talked about going off sugar and other tests trying to solve the problem. It has definitely been lots of trials, errors, patience and truly just sticking with the goal.

I’ve been working closely with some doctors and we know a few things it is not. I have another test this week and the prep for it is the focus of this week when it comes to my health. Stay tuned on the results. I’m so hoping I can cross this goal off and focus on some other things.

However, I have something exciting to share with all of our readers! The stomach reset I went on is having a summer kick off. Here are the details and you can enjoy my promo code to enjoy 30 days free. The reset is 41 days so go for it! Honestly, you don’t have to have stomach issues to do this. I really learned so much about my relationship with sugar because of this reset. Oh, you’ll get lots of great Pilates classes with it!

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If you do it let me know! I’d love to support you. xx~LL

Goals Update 2016 #21 Clare

OMG!!! I can’t believe we’re half way through this year.  So a quick look back to begin.  Ok, honestly, I didn’t think I would be as good in some of these areas as I am–fitness, organization, agent.  But I’m kind of bummed about where I am in Finance and my book…

However, the proud is out weighing the bummed!



I paid most of my taxes. I’ve started a savings plan for next year.


Still going strong.  Daily sun salutations.  Not gonna lie, some days I’d rather sit on the sofa then do them, but then I think–hey, I can still listen to music or watch tv… and these DON’T take THAT long.


Summer clothes are all out, and winter clothes are put away.  UGH.  I need to detox some of the summer stuff.  I’m gonna go with “if I didn’t wear it last summer, its going in a pile.  If I think about it tomorrow, I’ll keep it.  If I don’t, off to be donated!”


Formatting and making edits from one of my copy editors!


Still hoping to book.  Summer is super slow in my business, and in this city.  So I might not have a ton to update here until fall.

Thankful Thursday

Each week we encourage you to tune in, join the discussion and pass on your own thankful thoughts!

We are thankful for honesty. Even when it stings its better than the alternative. 

Vision boards without them where would we see our Dreams

Random smiles from strangers. You can’t help but pay that forward!

Comment below with what you’re thankful for, and post on social media with #thankfulthursday #liveclarelesley

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How to create more time in your day

There are few guarantees in life. But, the amount of time in a day, days in a week and months in a year are pretty much always the same. There are always 7 days in a week with 24 hours each day and 60 minutes in each hour. If you find yourself wishing you had more time in your day, then here we go!

Grab a piece of paper or print out a blank calendar.

First, sharpie in “sleep.” Sleep is incredibly important. It creates better productivity and is not optional. Ariana Huffington‘s latest book has 50+ pages of source notes to prove this.  Sharpie in bed times and wake-ups. Set a “sleep” alarm just like you set an “awake” alarm. Have it go off 30 minutes before so you begin to prepare for your rest.

Second, sharpie in your actual work hours. I have hours I teach, and hours I do my office work.

Third, sharpie in your “you” time. Note that this isn’t 3rd because I think it’s low on the totem pole of importance. Its only third because many of you don’t have flexibility in your work schedules.

Then add any and all the other commitments you have.  Kids, date night, book clubs, etc.

Grab a calculator. How many hours are you giving away to other things not your goals or desires?

That whole saying “actions speak louder than words” applies here! If you wish you were working out more, then you should commit more time in your calendar to that desire. No, you cannot take away from sleep. But, maybe you could not stay late at work two days a week and get moving. You may have a desire to spend more time with friends but you don’t want to miss out on something else. Invite your friend along. This will give you double accountability too.

The point is not to make you feel like you have to fill up every minute of every day. It’s more about having you get honest with where you are wasting precious minutes on things that are not in line with your desires and goals. I am often asked to meet someone for coffee. But, I really don’t have extra coffee time in my day. So, I try to invite them on a run, yoga or to another friends art opening. Then I can literally double dip on the minutes in my day. Wait!? Did I just create “more time?”

Lastly, I set an alarm in my calendar to look over the week ahead. Is there a client who is out? Did a meeting cancel? Do I have “extra” time this week? If so I take a look at the projects I want to get done, the list of things I wish I had time for and I plug them in. Or, I save that extra time to Netflix and chill. Because sometimes that’s perfect for hitting the desires of life.

Let us know what you find out about yourself in the comments here. Did you find “extra”  time in your schedule?


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Goals Update 2016 #21 LL

Does anyone feel like Holiday weeks are a marathon? I came back from an incredibly inspiring camping trip and then it was 5 days of work shoved into 4 and a huge launch.

Financial goals I’m good. Pretty on track with where I want to be income wise just not where I want to be debt wise. Like I said I’m working on it. In the meantime I’ve gone over the budget and pretty sure I’m just on a mini detour.

Business goals: This week my friend and I launched our Pilates Day Retreats! It was almost a sell out and we announced our next one and have filled it almost halfway in a day. This week I am also announcing my Maui retreat AND I have a secret event I am starting that I will share with you soon. I’m feeling fired up about my business. Lots of plates spinning but none wobbling.

Health: I’m still on the journey to finding a happy place with my digestive system. All tests have either been tested or scheduled. I’ve got a biggie this week. Fingers crossed something helpful comes out of it.

Personal: The puppy keeps us very present. We’ve got a bundle of energy and he’s going to puppy training! Not sure he realizes that yet…

Have an amazing week loves and be sure to continue celebrating our Clare’s bday. All you have to do is open a door for a stranger!



Goals update 2016 #20 Clare


I was at my little sister’s wedding last week, so I spent money to travel.  But it was worth it!  She was BEAUTIFUL!! AND it was my birthday this week… so… ya know… I didn’t go crazy, but I wasn’t as good as I’ve been the past few weeks.


You would think that its harder to keep up the fitness while on vacation–I actually did more.  I did a few extra every day in building up to my vacation, and then I ended up doing more on my vacation, too!


I’m slowly getting rid of old makeup.  Really–I don’t think you should keep stuff that is old… like years old.  Especially if it smells funny or crumbles quickly.


I’ve been talking to a lot of people about it lately.  Maybe its the gas I need to get started again!


Nothing this week.

Thankful Thursday

Each week we encourage you to tune in, join the discussion and pass on your own thankful thoughts!

SCREEEEEEEEEECH!!!!  Ok,…. its Clare and I’m taking over since its my birthday.  (We will get back to our Thankful Thursday next week!!)

I just read The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer, and I’m sure you’ll be hearing me cite it in my blogs to come… anyhoooo…. For my birthday, I’m asking YOU to do a couple of things–yesterday, I opened a door for a stranger.  Then not 15 minutes later someone opened a door for me.  Then down the block, I opened the door for a different stranger…and then a few minutes later, someone opened another door for me… and so on and so forth… ALL of this kindness and chivalry just made me feel SO AMAZING AND AWESOME!!!  Anyway…

I would LOVE IT if you would give back to the world and do a stranger a service, and spread the love. 

Open a door for someone (or many someones) today, and post it all over social media, or blog and reblog that its #openadoorday and #liveclarelesley Suggest to all your social media buddies that they should open the door for a stranger–literally or figuratively!  Spread the love!!  xoxo

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Six Tips on Avoiding Singledom Despiration

“Mawidge. A bwessed awangement that bwings us togever todayy”…a very often quoted moment from A Princess Bride. Always cracks me up, but today, its making me wonder….Why isn’t it my time yet?

So, folks, I’m having an issue…well, it’s ongoing, so maybe it’s more of a subscription. “Oh dear god, when will the right man come along so I can have a partner in life, and get married?”  Sadly, this is such a common thought these days for many of us.  We think it as if our lives aren’t complete, or can’t begin until we are partnered.

Social media isn’t making it any easier, because it’s in our face immediately when people are experiencing joyful times. Friends who are getting married and having babies and getting new cats: I’m so happy for you. I’m jealous of you. My heart flips from joy to ache in about three seconds of reading your post or seeing your pictures. I’m flip-flopping from one way of dating to the next, this month is Tinder; last month was minor bar hopping.  Its not like I’m not trying.
The weird thing is, I’m feeling mildly desperate–yup, I’ll admit the desperation. I’m a strong, driven, beautiful woman. With tomorrow being my 37th birthday, I’m not feeling my biological clock tick. Instead I have this anticipation of my expiration date approaching–and there really is a difference. Its a need to start something, instead of needing to create offspring.  So, disclaimer: I’m not one of those who NEEDS to have kids. It’s a possibility, but not a burning desire. However, I’ve lived almost half my life now–that is assuming I’ll live into my 80s as most of my grandparents did, and the thought creeps in from time to time that it might be too late.  In my current sanity, and also my current “research” via my online profile tell me that it’s never too late. My mother was remarried at 36. My father remarried at 40 and at 51. Matches are out there.  But lately this sense of “too late” is in my brain.

But what is “too late”?  Really?  Medically, its not super safe to have kids after 45… but adoption is always a possibility.  I know friends who have gotten married for the first time in their 40s and 50s…  I know many people who are single and fabulous.  So, this encroaching deadline to get married and have kids, this feeling that the parade might have passed me by–it doesn’t mean shit.  Its all in my head.

I thought about this for a bit, and came up with a few thoughts about “life starting” and why it feels like we’re waiting for a partner before that happens.  These thoughts might be helpful to you, too.

  1. Life has already started.  Move forward, or sit and watch it go by, its your choice.  But I’m much more like Tris in the Divergent series–I’m gonna jump on that train–its scary, but its better then staying where I’m sitting.
  2. Your life is your life.  There may be rules.  There may be an order.  Yours may or may not follow exactly along the path of everyone else’s… If it was supposed to, we would all get the same education, we would all have the same job, we would all have the same thoughts.  You are different, and that’s ok.
  3. Embrace the difference.  Love who you are.  Be the best you that you can be.  Figure out yourself.  Love that about you.  You are an ever changing, evolving entity.  That is a beautiful thing.
  4. Know you have choices.  If you really really really really wanted to, you could have the thing you think you most desire.  But for some reason you’re choosing something else that is more important.  Like, I could have a family and a house–but those weren’t my focus.   Being an actress was.  So I chose that.  I gave that my focus.  I’m proud of that.
  5. Maybe what you most desire isn’t really what you most desire.  I thought about the house and the car and the husband and the babies.  But the sparkle of the theater just kept distracting me, and the rest got put on the back burner.  I REALLY want to be here, in New York, acting.  But it took me a little while to see that.  I thought I needed to be like “everyone else” and go the family route first.  But after a few years, I went the career direction on the Life board game first.  There are many gloomy days.  But there are more happy days.
  6. Focus on what makes you happy.  Without hurting others, what would you do if there were no limits?  Why aren’t you pursuing that?  Seriously–go!!  Now!

So here’s the thing… we’re rounding the corner once again into wedding and baby seasons… and no matter where you are on the scale of relationships and babies and generally being happy, the truth is, your life is the accumulation of all of the choices you have made.  I chose to be an actress.  I chose to move to New York.  I chose a hard career in an insane city.  I don’t have babies or a partner, but I have an AMAZING Urban Family.  I am a nanny to a young man who will never forget me.  I am an auntie to some adorable doggies.  I am an Urban Sister to some of the most amazing, talented, giving people.  And I am in a city that always has something intriguing to distract and divert attention.  There are so many reasons I’m just “not there;” just not on the same track as everyone else.  The irony is that currently I work for an event planner–so my life is filled with weddings!

Congratulations to all of my family and friends across the globe who have been getting married and having babies!  I really am so happy and proud for you. Really and truly.

For those of you who aren’t–listen, its just not time yet, or its not the plan for you.  If you need a little pick me up or a little help in the “everyone is getting married BUT me and I don’t know how to handle it” department, I wrote a blog on that last year.

Know that its all going to be ok.  Focus on what makes you happy.  Life is messy and full of choices, but its also great and silly and fun.  Ultimately, its all going to work out.  I promise.


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