Goals Update 2016 #25 LL

Today in my task list was a reminder to review my 2016 goals. I have it set to look over each month. Every single item, idea and vision is listed on there for all my projects. I really love that this comes up. I know I write to all of you each week but seeing the BIG picture once a month is important. It’s so much easier to get back on track when you don’t wait until your 6 months or 20 miles down the road.

Health: I am still trying very hard to become one with my digestive system. The reset diet I did with matandkitchen.com was immensely helpful. However, I still had some issues and they were not going to ever go away with out help from antibiotics. As I write this I am hoping these antibiotics help so that I can cross this off the list. However, I am now back on the reset and even cleaner. Less than 10-15g of sugar a day is the goal this month. So here is to winning this situation.

Financial: I have been focusing on new investments for the future and reminding myself that bills mean business.

Personal: Catching up on my reading goal and my rest goal. Super thankful for holiday weekends!

Not to pat myself on the back too much but I am feeling good about where I am halfway through this extremely busy year. I have you all to thank as if I wasn’t writing this each week I am not sure I would be feeling this way.


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