Goals #26–Clare 2016

Goals!!! Every time I write one of these, I love and hate it.  Its exciting to watch my own progress–I do go back and read my posts at the end of each month…. and I’m cheering myself on.

I’m keeping it slow and steady, y’all… which is the way to go.  To keep up with the goals, I think you have to find a good pacing and keep up with it.

My mom was here, and I slacked off a little, but we walked a lot more than I think I usually do, and we went to the beach.  But I’m back in my sun salutation morning routine, and cruising along with that.

I feel like my finance stuff went out the window, but my support group for that has kind of dried up.  I need to find some more financially saavy friends.

Book–I’m looking for a copy editor–anyone want the gig?  Seriously.  I’ll pay you in love, and possibly cookies.  Message me below!

Acting–I start working for NYMF next week–I’m super excited.  I’m not acting, but I’m working the festival.  I feel good about this.  I love theater so much, I’m happy being around it.  And I’m in talks with a couple of groups in the city about upcoming roles.

Organizing–I took a box to goodwill finally.  I need to put away all of my skinny shorts… I pulled them out of the drawer, because I got tired of running into them…

See you next week!

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