Goals 2016–#29 LL

As you know last week was a big health goal week. I had only one goal. To do this test. Well, I did my test and am awaiting the results. So stay tuned.

This week I am focusing on just one thing as well. I started out 2016 hoping to get into a special program with my Pilates mentor. I was one of 12 people selected for a year long program. This year my goal was to complete this program, all 4 parts. This week is the 3rd portion. I must admit it’s been a tough section for me. I’ve had to do some major soul searching. I have had to release my desire to be the best, to be perfect and to realize that I am enough.

This weeks goal is to remind myself to be where I am, to soak up info like the best sponge on earth and when the going gets tough to remind myself I am enough. We all our.


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