Goals #30–2016 LL

I am FLYING right now! I am so stimulated inside and out. I just completed my 3rd module of 4 in “The Work.” As part of my 2016 goals I wanted to complete all 4 modules this year and have fun while doing it! So far I am doing just that.

This week I am digesting all the info I just learned. I am also putting plans into action for my Pilates retreats and other things for 2017. See, around here we have been setting goals up for 2018 and beyond. Yes, this means I am working on goals for today and goals for the future at the same time. But when you love what you do and you know where you want be doing it these goals are magic.

The other exciting thing about being in your goals and really working with them is how much they inspire you to dream even bigger next time. Has this ever happened to you?

Happy Monday! I am off to enjoy the fruits of this weekends goal magic xx~LL

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