Goals 2016–#32 LL

WOW August is flying by so fast…and yet so slow. It makes me think of a quote Gretchin Rubin once said, “The days are long but the years are short.”

This month I have had people visiting me every weekend. So, my goal for August was to work and play. So far I have succeeded in this. This week while LA is going back to school I am throwing myself back into my work goals.

Here we go:

Health wise my venture to the Ayurvedic specialist is helping. I’m feeling about 30% better just one week later. I’m hoping each two week check in gets closer.

Financial: being an entrepreneur is unique. I have never made so much money and had so little. Staying positive about it is this weeks goal.

Business: I’ve got a few deadlines approaching and a couple calls this week. Fingers crossed I make it past stage two and my creative content rocks as much as I want.

Enjoy the last weeks of your summer and I can’t wait two see what the end of summer nights brings. xx~LL

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