Celebrating National Waffle and Peach Pie Day

I’ll admit this is a crazy one… but who doesn’t love a sweet treat?  National Waffle Day made me think of not only the actual waffle, but the idea of “waffling” of sitting at a cross roads and making a decision.  I’ve been at may cross roads.  Many took me in a great direction that lead me to where I am, and made me a stronger, better person.  Some left me bruised and hurting–not unlike a peach.  It reminds me of the movie Sweet Home Alabama when the woman playing Reece Witherspoon’s mom is making something with peaches or maybe it was plums, and she says that it is the bruised ones that make the best jam.  Its true… bruised or not–once a decision is made, you’re better for having made it, like I said in my blog about Greatest Mistakes.  Go be sweet to someone!

And if you’re “waffling” over something…. go ahead, take chance and a leap!


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