Goals 2016–#32 Clare

Oy!  A friend posted on Facebook 3 resolutions she wants to accomplish by the end of the year. Ooof. I started to look at this years goals and how far I’ve come, but how far I have yet to go. And really–it’s all me. I just have to buck up and do some things. 

I’ve committed to my daily sun salutations. That, albeit a small task, is actually probably the best and biggest. 

And I’m continually auditioning, but I got a little discouraged early on with the agent finding mission. 

The book–I asked for help and got some, and then help sort of evaporated. So I guess I need to get back out there and ask for more help. 

Finances–I still bury my head in the sand when one of my two friends who said they would help me with this ask about it. I really have to just be a big girl and make a decision. 

Organization–ooh, this one I feel I’ve done well on. Well some weeks I’ve done well. I’ve cleared a lot out. I’m going to, in the next few weeks, clear out my summer clothes. I’m going to make two piles–things I love, or wear all the time. And things I didn’t wear or don’t care as much for. I’m going to take the second pile and keep half of it–as in make hard choices and get rid of a good amount. My drawers are just too full. 

Tell us what you think!

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