Goals updates 2016 #34 LL

We are in the final quarter of 2016! Holy sh*t! I feel like we just started sharing our progress.

This past week I got super honest about the frustrations I was having. I know I usually am brightside up so how could I have frustrations…well we all do. When I hear myself repeat a complaint a few times I make time to review the complaint.

I have been struggling to find time to film my courses for my site. I wanted to do 2-4 a month. I haven’t had time to do any all Summer. There has been a lot of positive things happening so it’s not the end of the world. But, these courses are essential to my business. So, it’s time to double down. It’s time to remove the complaint.

For this last quarter I am:

Writing/Filming 6 courses

Taking 3 Trips with my Hubby

Launching my Retreats

Saying Goodbye to one of my spinning plates

In order to do some of these my Hubby and I decided it was time to hire a dog walker and increase our housekeepers visits. We are going to try this out for the last quarter of this year and see if it is something that helps or not. If it helps it stays if it doesn’t then we go back to how things are and try something else.

Keeping the plates spinning and lighting some fires! Have a great week my dears.


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