Goals updates 2016 #35 LL

This week I only have about 4 days to get everything in! I’ll be out of town for the weekend teaching a Pilates training. There is much to do this week. As I mentioned it is the final quarter. I have to be on my game if I want to get it all done.

I started using the Spark Journal to help me take a look at my major goals over a 30 day period and break it down by week. Here’s what is on this weeks agenda:

I’ve got 1 month before I assess for my final module of “the work” at Vintage Pilates. This one is so tough for me. I have to do my practice for it EVERY DAY!

Profitable Pilates business courses and book promoting. I already scheduled all the social for courses, my book and my retreats. This way I don’t have to think about it. My Cambodia retreat only has 6 spaces left. Maui is starting to get sign ups and UK announce and sold spots already. These plates are spinning fast. I cannot wait to travel and teach. Want to join me?

My stomach is ok for those wondering. It’s still a 2016 goal but not a focus of September. I went to my Ayurvedic doctor yesterday. Received new herbs and seem to be doing better again. The issue is getting better but it sort of mutates. It’s trying so hard to survive. Haha sounds like it’s an alien. Hmm, maybe it is?!?!?

Back to business! I have to write at least 2 or 3 courses to film by end of the month. Has to happen. Plus, I have to write a few courses to film when I go to Pilates Anytime. So, I better get going! Much to do. Have you looked at the month ahead yet? Sometimes it can be overwhelming to plan that far out but it can also be a great way to feel in control of what might feel like a whirlwind!




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