Goals Update #42 2016 LL

Holy Freaking COW! There are only 10 more weeks left in 2016….Thank goodness 2017 is available. I’m going to need it.

I just reviewed my goals for 2016. There are some I have decided to bump to 2017 because I just couldn’t fit them in. Not that I didn’t make time. I didn’t have the time. As you know this past month I made some room for more. These are the things that I am looking into checking out with this new “room” I have:

  1. Improve class
  2. Read more books
  3. Speaking appearances
  4. Camping trips

This week I am tying off a few projects and chewing on a few new ones to launch in 2017

Health: continuing to work on this new herb regimen and focus on stress less to help my stomach heal

Financial: paying off some big retreat bills and looking at 2017 needs

Personal: having more brunch with friends and date nights with my husband

Business: lots of follow ups since I just spent a week in a Pilate world hanging with fellow teachers, presenters and friends.

Is there a goal you still want to work on that will carry over to 2017?


Thankful Thursday

Each week we encourage you to tune in, join the discussion and pass on your own thankful thoughts!

We are thankful for airplane travel! Seriously, even if you have to fly coach it’s so much better than being in a car for those quick trips.

We are thankful for spas! It should be easy to just find a quiet space but often it takes going to a spa to really help you check out and tune in.

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If you started today…

I recently was coaching a girl who absolutely loves her part-time gig. It’s a really part-time gig and it might be more appropriate to call it a passion project. Call it whatever you want but she freaking loves it and wishes it were her full-time job. This is where I come in. I am all about helping people rock what they love for a living.

You might be sitting there thinking she should just go for it. You wouldn’t be alone in that either. Of course that’s what I want her to do it. To just go for it! But, the truth is aside from the logistics there are often obstacles we put in our own way that keep us from doing what we love for a living.

  1. There are no short cuts! Stop trying to figure out a way to make something happen as quickly as it can and find that way to do it correctly. She has some of the education she needs to do her passion but not enough to make a living off of it. She could continue to do things the way she is but she will not get as far as she wants. At some point she is going to have to go back and do it the right way. That someday might as well be now.
  2. Money, time and other excuses: Sure doing something you want to do might take more money, more education, more time and more of something you think you don’t have. Realize that these are just excuses for why you are not doing what you need to be doing. It’s fear based too. You know what’s behind door number one. You are doing it. You may hate it but it’s safe. Door number 2 is full of unknown and fear of the ‘what if’s’. Ask yourself a bunch of “how” questions instead. How can I make this happen? How can I get the education I need? How….
  3. What if game: Instead of playing it with fear in mind play it with excitement. What if you did the things you needed to do to do the thing you want? What if it works out? What if you had all that you needed to rock your world? Isn’t that exciting?! Now, go back to your “how” game and ditch the excuses once and for all.
  4. Ask for help: Seriously, you are your own worst enemy. So, maybe asking yourself for advice on the matter is not the best thing. Ask someone who is doing the thing  you want to be doing for advice. You may not like what you hear but at least you’ll have a better basis to go off of.
  5. Do the thing! Seriously, what is the worst that is going to happen? It doesn’t workout? Ok, at least you tried. But, I bet it does workout because its the thing you most want in life. It’s the thing that makes you happy. If it doesn’t workout that’s part of the journey too.

My client is busy putting the dates she needs to take off in 2017 in her calendar. She’s cutting back on her groceries and other bills that she can and she’s asking for some help from others. If she goes along with the plan in one year she’ll already be doing the thing she wants to do for a living! Time is already flying we might as well take advantage of it and get started today!


Goals Update 2016 #41 LL

I know I have said it before but I love writing my updates each week. Sharing with you what I’m working on keeps me focused, on track but also allows me to be flexible in my approach to my journey. All of you have been so supportive along that way that it helps me to be honest with you and myself about where I am with my goals.

This week I am headed to the annual PMA conference. It is a Pilates Instructor gathering that I have been attending since 2009. It’s like a reunion for Pilates instructors. I get to hang out with some of my dearest friends. This years meeting has some key moments of celebration for some of the things I have been working towards.

  1. I wanted to live this year with a fierce and fabulous filter. I’m doing a lip sync battle on Friday. Something I would never have done before.
  2. I’m shooting for an article for a 2017 issue of Pilates Style. This has been a dream of mine since I became an instructor in 2008.
  3. A big announcement Friday that is in line with my goal of becoming more involved than I already am in the Pilates community.
  4. Spending more time IRL with friends.

Some more updates:

Financial: I got my numbers to my financial adviser. I also got honest with her about where I want my money to be invested and what’s most important today. I know I should be saving for my retirement but developing my businesses needs to be priority.

Health: I have released myself of a lot of stress in the last two weeks. Not that my job was stressful but I was carrying stress trying to do everything all at once with all of my efforts. I didn’t want to let anyone down. Now that I have let go of some of the plates I was spinning I am able to catch stress as it’s happening and release it. My stomach isn’t perfect but the less stress is helping.

Personal: I’ve been spending more time with my dogs and friends this last week and that has been incredible. I’m about to go on a hike as I write this. My yoga and Pilates practice all year have been so strong and consistent. I am super thankful LA has the weather it has so that I can make up for lost hikes!

Business: I’ve been focusing more on interacting with studios, magazines and instructors all over the world. 2017 is going to be a big travel year. That’s what I am manifesting anyways. But, one can manifest all day and nothing can happen. It’s about connecting and doing things today that will produce the travel of tomorrow!

I hope you have an amazing week xx~LL 

Thankful Thursday

Each week we encourage you to tune in, join the discussion and pass on your own thankful thoughts!

We are thankful for partners in crime! We couldn’t do this blog without the help of the other. LL has a few partners in crime to make retreat magic happen and Clare has her partners in crime that make NY awesome. Whose your partner in crime?

We are thankful for roasted fall veggies. Aside from that fact that they taste amazing their colors rock on the dinner plate (or if you’re LL breakfast, lunch and dinner)!

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Taking the Time

I drive a Jeep Wrangler Sport with a soft top. I used to have the hard top version but I live in an apartment with no place to store the heavy and massive back half. Plus, by myself I couldn’t take it on or off. I would always have to have someone help. For two years I drove around So Cal in the perfect LA car but could only enjoy half of it’s perk. When it was time to trade it in I was adament about a soft top. I was going to make sure I enjoyed this So Cal car in So Cal. If I’m going to sit in traffic everyday I want to enjoy doing it. But, I never took the time to read on how to take the top off.

I know! Ridiculous. For six months I have been loving my jeep and saying “I need to take the top off.” I continued to find excuses for why I wasn’t taking the time. Until this past weekend. I suggested to my husband that we drive down to the races we were seeing with the top off. It took us less than 10 min to take the top off. Less than 10 min!!!

Here I was going around spending way more time than 10 minutes thinking about taking the top off. Coming up with excuses as to why I couldn’t and the reality was I totally could have.

We do this often though. Create something in our brain as to why we don’t have time to do something. Why somewhere in the future, some “next time” is going to be a better time. However, once we do it we often realize we could have done that same thing sooner and we wish we had.

When I was little if I ever was caught saying a bad word I had to put money in a jar. This week anytime I hear myself procrastinate, say “next time” or “I don’t have the time” I am going to take away my favorite daily treat.

What have you been pushing off because of time? Could you schedule it this week? Make space for that top to just come off already!


Goals Update 2016 #40 LL

This week is my first real week out working just for myself. It’s still a transition. I am focusing on eliminating projects that no longer are in line with my purpose. Reconnecting with friends that I have wanted to have coffee with but my schedule didn’t allow and gearing up for a big week next week! I’ll be teaching at the annual PMA gathering in Phoenix, AZ!

Business: I’m making sure that Pilatini®Nights and my upcoming UK Retreat are getting out in the eyes of those who need to hear about it!

Financial: I am meeting with my advisor to make sure that with all the new changes I am on track to do the things I want to do when I want to do it!

Health: I’m hoping to get back in with my stomach people. I’m still not where I think I should be. My stomach still is showing that it has not healed yet. I wanted to just give upon this goal last week. I had a few nights of just horrid pain but I don’t want this to be my “normal” so I must continue the course!

Personal: I passed my final module assessment for “The Work”. This was the hardest one for me! I really went for it and it paid off. Now, it’s all about making sure I get stronger as the workshop is just a few weeks away.

Here’s to you and your goals this week! xx~LL

Thankful Thursday

Each week we encourage you to tune in, join the discussion and pass on your own thankful thoughts!

We are thankful for Unexpected changes…they keep life interesting and test how quickly we can bounce back!

We are thankful for True Friends you may not talk to them everyday but they know your heart and are there when you need them.

We are thankful for Bulletproof coffee for bringing heaven to life in that first sip everyday.

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Get more. Turn off your expectations. 

Do you realize when you have no expectation, the result is always better? I had a client who recently went into a job interview that he was pretty sure he was under qualified, and he really didn’t want.  But he went anyway.  Although he was unsure of himself, he had no expectations.  Already having a job, he was just curious.  Afterwards, my client told me how he had bumbled his interview–but the interesting thing is that he didn’t care.  His low expectations going into the interview helped him to let go and just be himself.  He wasn’t afraid to tell the interviewer that he wasn’t quite qualified.  He also wasn’t nervous or trying to please.  He got a call with an offer for the job a few days later.

When you don’t expect something, you don’t put as much pressure on the situation or on yourself, which ultimately allows for better flow of everything–your breath and blood flow, conversation flow, and good energy flow.  This all might sound a little biological or a little too far in the woo-woo categories for you, but no matter what you believe or don’t, lower expectations mean that you put less pressure on the situation, whatever it may be.

Its hard to approach anything without expectations, let alone anything that might have any kind of high stakes.  The next time you have to do something where you have little or nothing at stake, feel out your temperament and feelings.  Try to mimic this mindset when you’re headed into something much bigger.

Remember that neediness is not attractive, and people can sense it in a second.  They are attracted much more to confidence and aloofness–which are the opposite of expectant!  I’m not saying don’t care, just don’t care so much.  Bigger results will come, when you cling to the outcomes!


Goals Update 2016 #39 LL

This last week was pretty planned out and then life happened as it usually does. Some major changes that were coming in the future but happened a little sooner than anticipated.

This week:

Re-evaluating schedule and timeline of certain work projects. Can they happen sooner?

Financial: meeting with adviser next week to recalibrate the goals. Big changes don’t just effect where you go and when they also effect where you make money and spend it.

Fitness: it’s my final Pilates assessment for The work! All workouts are to help me rock that test.

Personal: finally putting out our wedding photos…I’m telling you so that we are held accountable to this!

Business: thinking bigger! Dreaming as big as I can so I can push what’s working to the next level!