Get more. Turn off your expectations. 

Do you realize when you have no expectation, the result is always better? I had a client who recently went into a job interview that he was pretty sure he was under qualified, and he really didn’t want.  But he went anyway.  Although he was unsure of himself, he had no expectations.  Already having a job, he was just curious.  Afterwards, my client told me how he had bumbled his interview–but the interesting thing is that he didn’t care.  His low expectations going into the interview helped him to let go and just be himself.  He wasn’t afraid to tell the interviewer that he wasn’t quite qualified.  He also wasn’t nervous or trying to please.  He got a call with an offer for the job a few days later.

When you don’t expect something, you don’t put as much pressure on the situation or on yourself, which ultimately allows for better flow of everything–your breath and blood flow, conversation flow, and good energy flow.  This all might sound a little biological or a little too far in the woo-woo categories for you, but no matter what you believe or don’t, lower expectations mean that you put less pressure on the situation, whatever it may be.

Its hard to approach anything without expectations, let alone anything that might have any kind of high stakes.  The next time you have to do something where you have little or nothing at stake, feel out your temperament and feelings.  Try to mimic this mindset when you’re headed into something much bigger.

Remember that neediness is not attractive, and people can sense it in a second.  They are attracted much more to confidence and aloofness–which are the opposite of expectant!  I’m not saying don’t care, just don’t care so much.  Bigger results will come, when you cling to the outcomes!


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