Thankful Thursday

Each week we encourage you to tune in, join the discussion and pass on your own thankful thoughts!

We are thankful for Unexpected changes…they keep life interesting and test how quickly we can bounce back!

We are thankful for True Friends you may not talk to them everyday but they know your heart and are there when you need them.

We are thankful for Bulletproof coffee for bringing heaven to life in that first sip everyday.

Comment below with what you’re thankful for, and post on social media with #thankfulthursday #liveclarelesley

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2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Thankful for Fall Break! Thankful for birds singing and fall leaves. Thankful for music on the radio and fresh air. Thankful for lunch with my dad and talking about the good old days! Thankful for jobs that we love, so work doesn’t feel like work. Thankful for creative days to be artistic. Thankful for hope and a positive attitude.

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