Taking the Time

I drive a Jeep Wrangler Sport with a soft top. I used to have the hard top version but I live in an apartment with no place to store the heavy and massive back half. Plus, by myself I couldn’t take it on or off. I would always have to have someone help. For two years I drove around So Cal in the perfect LA car but could only enjoy half of it’s perk. When it was time to trade it in I was adament about a soft top. I was going to make sure I enjoyed this So Cal car in So Cal. If I’m going to sit in traffic everyday I want to enjoy doing it. But, I never took the time to read on how to take the top off.

I know! Ridiculous. For six months I have been loving my jeep and saying “I need to take the top off.” I continued to find excuses for why I wasn’t taking the time. Until this past weekend. I suggested to my husband that we drive down to the races we were seeing with the top off. It took us less than 10 min to take the top off. Less than 10 min!!!

Here I was going around spending way more time than 10 minutes thinking about taking the top off. Coming up with excuses as to why I couldn’t and the reality was I totally could have.

We do this often though. Create something in our brain as to why we don’t have time to do something. Why somewhere in the future, some “next time” is going to be a better time. However, once we do it we often realize we could have done that same thing sooner and we wish we had.

When I was little if I ever was caught saying a bad word I had to put money in a jar. This week anytime I hear myself procrastinate, say “next time” or “I don’t have the time” I am going to take away my favorite daily treat.

What have you been pushing off because of time? Could you schedule it this week? Make space for that top to just come off already!


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