Leap Already

I  have written about it before in a few blog posts “Leap of Faith” and “Climbing the care” and here I am writing about it again: The proverbial “Leap of Faith”, the big “jump and your net will appear”.  If you are at the edge and wondering if you should “just go for it” or hang back and play it safe this blog is for you!

  1. Jump and the net will appear: maybe…It also might not! But, you’ll never know unless you go for it. Plus, what is the worse case scenario? Seriously, what is it? I’ll wait….Is it death? Or is it just feeling like a failure? Tony Robbins said, “there is winning and there is learning.” So, there you go! JUMP! Freaking go for it!
  2. Plan it out: What is it that you want to appear? What net are you hoping catches you? What do you need to do to put the odds in your favor for that net to appear? If you want to be a doctor but you don’t go to med school then chances are your net won’t appear. But, if you create the plan that in theory gets you to where you want to go then all that is left is for you to “jump”.
  3.  Give yourself the gift of a decision: Choose to leap, postpone the leap or pick a date to think about leaping or not. Wavering back and forth is the worst thing in the world. Idling sucks. It also eventually drives you crazy, causes you to doubt other things in your life and pretty much helps you procrastinate other things you could be doing!

So, what leap have you been thinking about? Steve Harvey had a video going viral for awhile about jumping and parachutes. You never know when they are going to open but they never will if you don’t jump and get some air beneath your wings.


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