Big or Small, Dreams Matter

A conversation with a colleague lead me to start thinking about dreams.  As children we had large blanket dreams–I want to be an astronaut, I want to be the President, I want to live in a mansion, I want to have 10 kids.  Just thinking about childhood dreams makes me smile.  As we get older and hopefully wiser, our aim changes.  Education whittles out our strengths, and aims us toward a life trajectory. Our childhood dreams change into abilities–leadership, exploration, business sense, taking care of others.

Do you remember what you wanted to be when you were young?  When I was a child I wanted to be an Archeologist, The first female President of the United States of America, a mommy, and an Actress.  I like research and finding out things, and I love leading and managing, I’m great at taking care of people, and I love being in front of an audience and have the reins to their emotions.  I use all of these abilities today.  Its so interesting how our childhood dreams, even though big and very marshmallow like, stick with us.

It is also interesting how our dreams change.  The discussion with the colleague that lead to this post happened at one of my jobs, and we were discussing how this day a this job was just a moment in time–it was rather a rough day, and how we were both destined for bigger things, and that we would someday reach the big goal–we’re both performers.  It dawned on me that my large, fluffy childhood dreams seemed so much bigger way back then, and my adult goals are sometimes harder to achieve, but so much more real and defined.  Smaller dreams come in to play as an adult: time to yourself, a delicious meal, time off, and we can make them happen.  Big dreams are still out there on the horizon too, like a new car or house, an exotic vacation, a dream career.  They’re not the big, fluffy, fun dreams of childhood, but they are very important!  Big dreams are a little scarier because they require planning or money…. but they are achievable.

The saying: “what would you do if you could not fail,” always comes into my mind when discussing futures and dreams.  It makes me smile.  Although I love this saying, I’ve heard it so often that it sort of blurs.  It is great to brace yourself with your desires and a giant safety net.  However, what I’d like to suggest to you, is look back at your childhood dreams–match them to your current abilities.  How can those abilities help you attain the dreams you have now?  Dream those dreams!  Figure out how to make dreams into possibilities into realities.  You can make things happen!  Go forth and dream big, my lovelies!


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