Goals update #48 2016 LL

As my final weeks of 2016 approach, I have been spending more time percolating on 2017. I feel the last three years have each had their own themes. Each year I have grown more and more. I have been challenged in ways I hoped and in ways, I didn’t expect. I still have not decided on what 2017 will have in store but here is what I know for this week.

  1. Focus on filling my Retreats. I have only 4 spots left for my retreat to Angkor. Only 6 spots left for my Retreat to Maui. We just announced our Day Retreat here in LA, and there are 8 spots.
  2. Prepare the social for the last week of December and First Week of January. I do not like to work on Jan 1.
  3. Think about what I want to consume more of and where I want to spend time contributing
  4. Final reading os 2016 and first readings of 2017
  5. Begin starting each day creating instead of on tasks. I want to see how this goes and if this is how I will structure my work days.

Tell me, what are you most excited about as the end of 2016 approaches?


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