Gift yourself with a Decision

Holidays can become all about the gifts, to-do list and end of the year projects. It’s easy to feel pulled in every direction but towards yourself and your dreams. There are the parties you have to go to and the ones you want to go to. The gifts you have to buy, want to buy and there is YOU!

With so many things spinning in the air and the search for the perfect gift, it can be easy to begin waffling. Should I go here, do this, should I buy this or this? What if he/she doesn’t like it? Should I go to this party first? Should I go early? Maybe I should leave late? All these options can become too much and make the end of the year feel like one endless list of decisions to make.

Give yourself a gift that will cost you absolutely nothing! Take a moment to look ahead and decide yes or no on as many things as you can. Do it in the morning when your decision-making muscle is strong. Decide where you will go and when. Write it down so it’s out of your head and on your schedule. Decide to buy the gift that you first thought they would like. They can always return it. Go the party, you can always leave early. Or, decide not to go at all. If the day comes, and you have a desire to change your mind then fine but thinking about what you will do all week long is just a waste of brain space and truly is a way to procrastinate on something else.

You cannot be all things to all people, but you can be everything you need to be for yourself. What decisions will you make this week?


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