Goals update 2016 #49 LL

Sooo, this is it for 2016 huh…it’s that “hurry up and wait” sort of thing. I cannot believe how this year has gone. Recently I was asked my definition of success. Success I feel is a strong word that can cut like a knife. I feel you have to create your own definition of what success is to you. For me, it means the freedom to do what I want when I want it. I feel very successful these days. But, this also means that as I grow my definition will also change.

Looking ahead to 2017 my definition is evolving a bit more. I’ll share it with you once I have a clearer idea what it is. For now, please note that while I freaking love goals and setting them, I also believe you have to be clear you are not just focusing on achievement.

I think it’s easy to become achievement based. But, fulfillment is going to be more satisfying. Everything I achieved this year has been extremely amazing. I sit here looking back and am feeling so good about many choices I made. I also sit here and realize there are some things that I focused on that didn’t matter, that I could have done differently and others that surprised me!

This week as I teach my final sessions of 2016 and look forward to the year ahead I have one word on my mind. This past year was a Fabulous and Fierce thesis. This upcoming year is about Creating. Oh, I cannot wait to share my creations! What will your year be?


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