Happy New You!

Happy 2017 LiveClareLesley Readers!  WE MADE IT!  Shew, the end of 2016 was rough for many, I hope you made it through relatively unscathed.  LL visited me in NYC–happy happy dance!

We have many ideas for 2017–but more about those later (we took the last couple of weeks off, and just spent them with family and trying to relax a little!)

In 2016, LL and I blogged about our goals for the year, and then blogged about them weekly.  I’m happy to report that I did well with most of my goals–I’m still going to cycling class and tap class weekly and doing sun salutations in the morning; I’ve signed up for credit management; I paid a copy editor, and made a cover for my book; and I cleaned up my closet!  WooHOO!!

2017 is going to be the Year of More Strength, for me.  I’m going to love myself, and focus on my strengths, and work out (or come to terms with) my weaknesses.

Last year I read an article about personal strengths;  it suggested that the reader write out 20 strengths, no matter what they are.  Mine spans from saying that I can cook almost anything, to being courageous, to being able to load a dishwasher to the max–and everything still gets clean, to being able to spot a movie from a 10 second clip.  I found this handwritten paper as I was cleaning in the last weeks of 2016–it had somehow disappeared, and resurfaced just in time for the end of year reflecting that I did while getting a marvelous tan in Aruba (yes, I’m bragging).  I put the paper up on the wall by my door out of my room–so I see it every time I walk out of my room.  It reminds me that I’m great, no matter what I’m going through, or what I have to face in my day.  This silly exercise that was rather excruciating at the time, is one that I’m using to remember my greatness.

Homework time:  Go write 20 of your strengths down (it can be more, but NO LESS than 20).  Be contemplative, but don’t belabor it… remember strengths change.  Just write what comes to mind–seriously, my movie thing is very silly, but its something I’m really good at.  If you feel like sharing, leave a comment and let us know what your favorite of your strengths are.  For now, just revel in your strengths.  We’ll work on other things later, for now, just enjoy and love your strength!


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