Thankful Thursday/Goals Update

Hi All!  We took a momentary hiatus, because both LL and I are cooking up some AMAZING things in 2017!

In 2016 we both decided to take you all on our Goals Journeys.  It was honestly, a really rough journey for me, and while LL is great at keeping a brave face toward her goals, it wasn’t a piece of cake for her either.

We hope that you set your goals for 2017 down in writing somewhere, and are doing something daily, weekly, or at least monthly to help you take the steps toward who you want to be and what you want out of life.  And if you need a little direction, check out this blog from last year! And if you’re worried about losing this page if you click–don’t–it will open that post in a new window!

So because this is #thankfulthursday I wanted to let you know about things that we are incredibly #thankful for that are up and coming because of our 2016 Goals!!!

I am SO thankful for debt assistance–and that so many companies are out there to help.  This is not an advertisement, at all, but I found GreenPath.  Incredibly nice people, and although I was TERRIFIED, because for some reason it was easier to ignore my debt than to tackle it, until now.  And in 4 years I’ll be debt free!!  So, if you’re thinking of doing this…. stop thinking, and go DO!  It’s ok to ask for help.  In fact it’s totally worth it!!

LL is thankful that she challenged herself to further her business in Pilates, and she is soaring to new heights–even heading retreats to Cambodia and Hawaii this year!  I don’t know if there are still spots open, but if you’re interested, you can check it out or reach out to her through this link!

I don’t know about you, but I’m thankful for LL–who’s BIRTHDAY is TODAY!!

And finally, I’m thankful that because of my 2016 Goals made me work harder to finish my first novel.  Which, I’m incredibly excited to type this, will be published February 13, 2017!!  You can go purchase the eBook via presale at Kobo, Barnes and Noble, or in the Apple iBooks app.

In other words, we’re thankful that our 2016 goals quest lead us here.  We won’t be taking our 2017 journeys with you, but we WILL be taking them.  Here is to 2017!



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